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During the breeding process of rabbits, due to various factors, it is easy to stimulate the occurrence of stress reactions of rabbits, causing some unavoidable losses.
In the face of this numerous factors, how to manage it reasonably, can avoid some unnecessary losses in the breeding rabbit, reduce the reaction of rabbit stress? In order to improve the breeding benefits of rabbits, according to rabbit’s technicians, the following management measures are summarized for farmers.
For the management of the public, it should be as follows: 1. Try to raise a single cage and stay away from the female rabbit. 2, try to breed 1-2 times a day, and then take a day after two days. 3. It is not appropriate to breed within half an hour before feeding rabbit feed. 4, summer must do a good job in heatstroke. It is preferably less than 35oc room temperature. There are some considerations for the management of rabbits. Regarding the management of empty mother: 1, restrictions on feeding, maintain medium physical condition, and 15 days before breeding should be feeding in the nutrition of gestational mother rabbits. 2. For the long-term invisible female rabbit, artificial aphrodisiac (anisotropic induction method, hormone stimulus, and drug procedural law). 3, the rabbit breeding 9-11 days for the best time, if there is no pregnancy, timely subsited. The management approach to the pregnant mother rabbit is as follows: 1, the breeding of 1-15 days is fed by the empty bunna, and the amount of pellet feed is added after 15 days. 2, restricted feeding, freely feeding pellets feeding daily at 150-180 grams. 3, the pre-production 2D – 3D is appropriately reduced by the fine material or pellets to increase the green feed.
4, reduce the number of capture, ensure quietness of the rabbit and the surrounding environment.
5, pregnancy 28 days is placed in the production box, and the soft hay is placed in the box, and prepare for preparation. Note that the manifestation of the female rabbit is observed, and the rabbit that does not pull the hair is artificially assisted.
6. After the birth is completed, the dead and abnormal tires are cleared, and the rabbits are placed and resettled.
7, 3 days before birth and 5 days after birth, oral poplar flowers oral liquid to prevent faster breastitis and rabbit yellow urine disease. Tel: 0374-8136766 Regarding the management method of lactating female rabbits: 1, 1D – 2D after delivery, add fresh green juicy feed, less pellets, gradually increase the amount of particulate material after 3D, and return to normal after 1 week.
2, afterFrequently inspected the breast, cleaned the breast every 7 D-10D, and found that the breast has a hard block or redness, and take measures in a timely manner.
3, the female rabbit of 2 D – 3 D before weaning should reduce the feed of succulent feed and particulate feed. QQ: 2627108897 Rational management mechanism

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