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Winter is a short season of goat disease, common diseases mainly: fast retrial disease (sheep fast epidemics, sheep, sheep black epidemic, cesoliosis), infectious pleural pneumonia, breast inflammation, parasites Sick et al. The farmers must strengthen management and strive to do the prevention and treatment of various diseases of goats.

(1) Sheep fast epidemic

Assessment is an acute infectious disease caused by Corrupt Clostridia, which occurs in winter and early spring, low temperature season, onset Fast, high mortality, almost no treatment time, mainly in immunity.

When the pathogenesis is isolated, a case-symptomatic treatment is longer.

When the onset is serious, transfer herd.

Strengthen management, prevent sheep from cold, avoiding sheep only eats frozen feed, don’t be too early morning.

Regular epidemic prevention, available “sheep fast epidemics, buckling, intestinal toxic blood disorder”, or “sheep fast epidemics, buckle, intestinal semimosis, mortgath, blackfoxionmia” regular Inoculate.

(2) Pelica bloodmreat, sheep, sheep black epidemic

Cericotox bloodmreat, sheep, sheepfront because of the pathogenesis It is often no time to treat death. Slow sheep that grow slowly, using antibiotics, sulfonamides and intestinal disinfectants, and gives relief, infusion, detoxification, and other therapies. The best way is to use triple seedlings or five submarine in advance.

(3) Goat infectious pleuropneumania

This disease can be prevented by vaccination of goat infectious pleuropneon oxide seedlings, 6 months of goat 3 Milulle, 5 ml of goats above 6 months, 14 days after injection, immunity can be produced, and the immunization period is one year. Treatment of oxytetracycline, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, kanamycin, streptomycin, etc. can be used for sorrow, and for 5-7 days, it can be obtained.

(4) Male

The ewes gave breast inflammation, washed the breast, treated the breast trauma, cold the fever breast, and extruded the breast in time Milk. Drug treatment can be used with sugar saline, Nai Nai, tetracycline intravenous injection, pay attention to supplementSodium hydrogen to relieve the symptoms of acidosis. (5) Aphid disease

This disease is the most common goat parasitic disease in winter. Prevent aphoconger disease, use 20% of the stone gray water or 5% of the Croilin solution spray, wash the shequin, feeding tool. A prophylactic deductible can be used with piraziquanone, with a weight of 12 mg / kg body weight.

Drug treatment methods: 1% sulfate, 1-6 months of lambs for 7 months, 45-100 ml of woolen, oral arsenic, such as arsenic Lead, arsenate, arsenate, calcium arsenate, 0.5 grams of lamb, 1 gram of adult sheep, then supply oil laxative, help eliminate insects; chloride (), weight 50-75 ml per kilogram, Oral orally. Goat’s disease prevention should start from multi-facete, pay attention to feeding environment (temperature, ventilation, drying, etc.), pay attention to the mold of feed, pay attention to the new introduction of the vaccination of the sheep, etc. Reasonable standardization, so that the growth of goats is growing and healthy, ensuring economic benefits and long-term interests of farmers.

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