What are the reasons for damage to chicken dintendent?

As mentioned, the chicken is to raise two, respiratory tract and intestines. The intestines are absorbed and supplied. Only the intestines are good, absorb better. It can be seen that it is important to ensure that the health of the intestines is how important is the chicken! So what are the factors that cause damage to the digestive tract?

1, coccidial,
cocksticks parasitic in the intestines of the chicken, once the environment and temperature are suitable, the coccidia is burst, so it will damage the intestinal mucosa of the chicken, resulting in chicken The intestinal mucosa falls off, the so-called red feces appear, thereby taking over, causing enteritis, intestinal toxic.
2, Clostridium,
The toxins produced can form a large area of ​​the intestine to affect the health of intestines.

3, mold toxin,
mold, during the entire chicken process, everywhere. Feed, feeding method, etc. will have molds. The toxins produced by mold are mainly infringed by the digestive tract and respiratory tract of the body. Therefore, in the long-term addition of molds in the feed, it must be trough when the chicken is placed.
4, protein melanin,
Some Mailrad derivatives in amino acids have damage to the structure integrity of the intestines.

5, bioamine,
When the acid concentration is low, there will be no harm, but when the feed raw material is corrupt, their number will increase sharply, to the body, toxicity, damage Intestinal health.

6, fish powder,
Some chicken friends used fish powder instead of cod liver oil, I don’t know some excessive fish powder to affect the integrity of the digestive tract on the chicken, because some fish powder contain strong The substance that causes the sterile grouse, the material is referred to as a muscle gum. So some things can’t be used.

Li Chen recommends the protection of intestines, fermented live bacteria to balance the strain, improve feed conversion and intestinal absorption, reduce the occurrence of intestinal disease and the use of antibacterial drugs Reduce the matrix gas flavor, improve the immunity of chicken.

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