What are the reasons for dog biting?

QQ截图20201126110209.jpg In daily life, we often see the dog, and for some people who are afraid of dogs, this is undoubtedly very bad. Some people want to escape from the dog. In fact, it is not right. Sometimes your action will cause the dog’s misunderstanding and alert, and finally may be the consequence of the dog attack. So, what are the reasons why it would be bitten by the dog?

1. You don’t understand the dog’s warning

People who often deal with dogs have a certain understanding of the dog’s behavior, Therefore, the possibility of biting the dog is small. For example, when you causing a dog dissatisfaction, the dog will make an angry low, and this time stops your movements, especially the dog who is not familiar with. In fact, sometimes the Tmall is more terrible than the dog, because the normal dog wants to attack a person is preparatory action, and the cat is completely unpredictable.

2. Inadvertently break into the geographical area of ​​the dog

The dog will regard a piece of land as its own territory, within the scope of their forces, if the stranger is casually breaking, will Attack, this is the dog’s instinct. It is also because the dog has this instinct, will be trained to become a dog, warning dog, etc.

No matter the size of the body, all the dogs have the instinct of the guard. When the stranger walked from the home, even if only a few pounds of the Chihuahua dog will call the alarm, it is quite necessary to commit the enemy of the enemy; in some countries, a piece on the wall of the residence The brand with a fierce dog is definitely more thanks to the security guard, and the thief will not go to the risks of the Buffet.

3. Offer dog’s “private property”

is a 9-year-old Jingba dog, it has a favorite toy, it is a sound of eradication. Banana, this is what it is like a treasure, no one is moving. Everyone who arrives at the owner will be told not to take the banana to tease Bodee, and will not be bitten.

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