What are the reasons for the treatment of Escherichia coli?

Recently, the temperature difference is relatively large, there are many customer feedback chickens to start nasal, and the anatomy discovers that E. coli is more obvious, and the drug is used to control. But it is still easy to stop sporadic death, anatomical or E. coli, why is E. coli? How to use medicine to control E. coli

First, the E. coli should first understand Escherichia coli.
Escherichia coli is itself, and the E. coli is not exploded only if it is in equilibrium conditions. Chicken Escherichia coli can occur in the chick stage, the birthplace period and adult eggs can occur,

It is a variety of probation to cause sepsis, pericarditis, hepatic medium, airbagitis, peritonitis, tubal inflammation , Escherichia coli granuloma, umbilical inflammation and other lesions. In most cases due to various stress factors and other diseases, this disease is more serious.

E. coli can cause drug resistance

E. coli is conditional bacteria Using medicine does not pay attention to the rotation, resulting in serious drug resistance, resulting in a decrease in pharmacy or even invalid, and the difficulty of drug control is increased. Antibacterial drugs should not be used for a long time. The drug abuse can cause the microbial flora in the body, which can cause intestinal flora disorders, affecting the feed utilization, reducing weight gain, and can lead to a series of intestinal reactions.

Third, a lot of E. coli is caused by stress,

Immunomotion, excessive density, transition, replacement, climate mutation, etc., it is more The big stress response can reduce the resistance of the chicken group and infect Escherichia coli, especially in the birth of the chicks or fertility, due to injection vaccines, replacement, etc., is more strong, it is more likely to Chicken Escherichia coli. You can prevent the chicken group to prevent the chicken from preventing the condition of Escherichia coli in advance.
Fourth, other chicken disease is easy to send chicken E. coli disease

Other diseases occur in chicken (new city disease, avian influenza, infectious bronchitis, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, infectivity After Faishu sac, the resistance of chickens is lowered, and some chicken disease also destroyed the immune system of the chicken. Divided immunosuppression varying degrees, thus opening the portal for the invasion of E. coli, secondary coli. So to strengthen the prevention of other chicken diseases.
Of course, after the chicken has a large coli disease, such asThere is no timely treatment control, which can also induce other chicken disease. Once Chicken Escherichia coli is infected with other chicken disease, the treatment is greater, and the resulting loss is greater.

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