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The rabbit industry is an emerging animal husbandry economic industry. Rabbit can follow the three major categories of meat, hair, and use, and the rabbit industry is moving towards the direction of meat. It is also A relatively proportion of a large proportion of economic income, in order to raise the healthy development of rabbits, we must agreate reasonable allocation requirements of feeding personnel, then follow the technicians of rabbits in breeding experience to be a species. What are the matters of rabbits that require breeders? The feeding personnel should ensure that the rabbits, the rabbits are full and have a clean food and water source. Feeders need timely given water addition; if there is an automatic water dispenser, it is necessary to check whether it is water. After the feeding personnel after the addition, the rabbit must be retrieved, checking there is no leak; additional adding needs to be added with a slurry tank. Regarding the feeding of the rabbit, it is necessary to ensure that the rabbits are full and forced feeding. Attach great importance to the feeding of the rabbit, the mother of the mother is needed to jump out of the cage in the female rabbit, check the young rabbit, after the rabbit is full, the stomach is like a stomach, if there is no need to eat Out of the feed; if there is a small number of small needs, you need to eat a small stove. The next day before the farewar is not breastfeed, take the small to eat first, eat a small bowl of small stove, after two or three days; individual female rabbits refuse to breastfeeding The feeder needs to put the rabbit into the tank, let the female rabbits forced feeding, and the breeder will need each time after all the milk, and see if there is no leakage. QQ 2627108897 In order to ensure the healthy and stable development of the rabbit industry, the general principles of rabbits must be strictly complied with the general principles of rabbits, and the rabbit management is strengthened to ensure the production supply of commercial rabbits.

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