What are the symptoms and prevention measures of chicken airbag?

Gas NANG is generally caused by pathogens such as disease DU, mycoplasma, E. coli. Since the symptoms are more, they can continue to be completely cured. At present, there is a lot of popular markets, bringing great losses to the farming industry.

Pathogen is complex: Most cases of gas NANG inflammation is not a single disease, but a symptom of systemic infection.

Poor culture: Du is not thorough, ventilated is not enough, often accumulating too much harmful gas in the chicken house, if the ammonia gas is concentrated in the air, will damage the breathing trails, make The mucus secretion is reduced, causing a disease in the pulmonary disease, gas Nang’s clearance of the pathogen such as E. coli has declined sharply, and the occurrence of gas Nang is inevitable.

3. Specials of the structure: 9 gas nang. The structural characteristics of “upper respiratory-lung-gas Nang-bone” interconnect each other, making the broiler body form a semi-open system. The pathogenic microorganism in the air is easy to enter the bone to form a systemic infection through the upper respiratory tract, lung, and gas Nang. In addition, since the chickens do not have the diaphragm, chest, abdominal cavity, and it is easy to cause gas Nang infection after the digestive path. These feature are the main causes of polynantritis from broiler nangitis.

Disease chicken respiratory symptoms, tensile neck breathing, asthma, nose, snoring, swelling, swollen eyes, tears, individual chicken swelling swelling The spirit is euphemistic, loss of appetite, even abolished, thirsty, pull yellow white, dry, no shiny, crown claws dry light. Dirty chicken is violent, the oral cavity is filled with mucus, severe cases, cut the belly skin can see fat yellow or inflammatory oozing. Open the abdominal cavity, chest nang filled with yellow cheese sample, heart-packaged liquid, vermicarn nang mostrum and yellow cheese, where 30% of the sick chickens have heartburst inflammation, hepatic disease, splenome, small intestine Flat, nasal, trachea filled with mucus.

The main cause of the disease is very large, the environmental factors are very large, and the feeding of the chicken farm, once the disease is very good, the mortality is very low, Chicken farm with poor feeding managementOnce the onset, it is not good to control, and it is getting more and more, the mortality is high. Therefore, it is important to control the development of this disease. Especially in winter, it is recommended to breed friends to bind the wind turbine, the fan part uses the plastic cloth, prevent chicken, because the chicken is long, use ventilation tubes, it is recommended to use the hand to feel the other-air tube of the fan with the hand, if there is a wind, consider Suitable, if it is not recommended to block the ventilation tube of the fan, the front head is large, and there is no pressure in the back. Strengthening feeding management, avoiding stress, such as immunization, replacement, and stroning groups. Controlling environmental factors are the most direct measures to prevent various respiratory pathways, thereby avoiding gas Nang inflammation. Support enough nutrients to the chicken group, do a good job of daily disinfection and hygiene, keep the chicken farm, and the environmental hygiene of the chicken house. For sick and dead chickens, they will prevent infection sources, and give a good living environment. The chicken farm should establish a biosafety system and use a full-time production system.

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