What are the symptoms of pig pseudo rabies? How to prevent treatment?

Purchase is an acute infectious disease that causes livestock and wild animals by pseudo-raw virus. Adult pigs are hidden infections, or there is an upper respiratory tract vase symptoms. Abortion, dead and respiratory symptoms in pregnant sows, no teeth. Breastfeeding pigs show symptoms of nerve symptoms and sepsis and final death.
Clinical Symptoms]
There is a big change in rabies, and all kinds of animals are different. Pigs are generally 20 ~ 60 days, and the typical process of pig rabbopath is suddenly episoded, excited, hit, hoarse, attack Humanstock, gothievance, repeated nose, often hidden in the shamp on the occasion, and heard the sound of the sound, there is no interesting run, final paralysis, death in 2 ~ 4 days.
[Prevention measures] Before the symptoms of sick pigs, there was a certain effect on the blood of serum or the blood of the blood or the blood of the disease. The sick pig after neurological symptoms generally lost the treatment value.
(1) General quarantine and control measures 1 If the disease-type pig field should establish a serum quarantine system, check the sow and the boar serum every 3 months, and found that there is a positive response in the pig group. Strict isolation and quarantine (1 month per month), eliminated positive breeding pigs. Until the two consecutive quarantine is negative, the quarantine method without this disease species (1 quarantine 1 time) can be restored. 2 Build a self-supporting system, not introducing a pig from the outside. When you must introduce, you should first isolate quarantine, and positive pigs can only prohibit the bunch of pigs in the field. 3 Pig house ground, wall, facilities, and feeding equipment 1 week disinfection, feces, fermentation or biogas tank treatment. 4 to capture pigs and wild animals, etc., insects such as mosquito, flies, cockroaches. 5 kinds of pig farms should have a strict door guard system to avoid foreign people and vehicles. When you enter this, you should go to the clothes and shoers, on the ground.
(2) Purification measures in the prevention and control measures
Infected Pig Farm: 1 All groups were eliminated to update the pigs: suitable for highly pollution, and rare pigs are not very expensive, pig house The equipment is not allowed to use other methods to clear the disease. 2 Eliminate positive reactive pigs: Check the serum of all kinds of pigs once a month, and inspect four times of 4 times, until the positive reaction pigs were eliminated. 3 Separate the descendants of the pigs produced by the positive reaction of the sow: In order to protect the excellent blood, the descendants of the positive reaction sow are weaning, according to the nestIt is leaving to 16 weeks old, and its antibody is tested in serological test, and the positive reaction pig is eliminated. Each month is carried out, and the negative reactors can be used as a reserve pig for 2 consecutive times. 4 injection of pseudohadia oyster emulsion inactivating seedlings: seed pigs (including male and female) injection 1 vaccine every 6 months, the sow is reinforced once 1 month before the birth, and the piglet after birth can get a higher mother. antibody. Take the piglet for 1 month of approximately 1 month, repeat once in 4 to 5 weeks, and injected once every six months. Pig fields are generally not advisable to use weak toxic vaccines.
Control measures for fertilizer pig breeds: except for the disease, piglets, the piglets and fatty pigs are injected into pseudohavis, and the pseudo-vaccine (K61 weaker strain). The lactal pig was first injected by 0.5 ml. After weaned, it was injected 1 ml; 3 months old pigs were injected with 2 ml. The immunization period is 1 year. Pseudo crazy oil emulsions can also be used. However, immunized pigs can only prevent diseases, and they cannot resist strong infections and poison detoxification. Therefore, in addition to the immunization of the disease, the integrated epidemic prevention measures of the pig farm should be placed in the first place.
Purchase is harmful to rabies, and the economic losses brought to pig households are also great, and must be treated correctly and correctly. Prevent and treat early. It can be used with the roar pigs of the Tiandao’s products.
Ranyuan Double efficiency method:
Treatment amount: a bag of mixture 500 pounds.
Prevention: 1000 kg of mixed materials.
Press: Pig (60 pounds or less) 3 g / day / head, 5 grams of medium pigs / day / head, sow / boar 8-10 g / day / head.
Note: Can drink water.
The injection vaccine did not affect the vaccine during the medication.
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