What are the symptoms of piglet yellowsese, what should I treat?

What are the symptoms of piglet yellowsese, what should I treat?
Pigged pig brainsee is caused by acute intestinal infectious diseases caused by E. coli, multiple issues

1 day old ~ 3-day old pig, more concentrated in the peak season. Swinee strain, row

bacteria, there is no pathogenicity to the sow. The body is discharged from the body, and the environment is polluted. New

Zhenbu pigs eat infection through digestive tract.
1. Symptoms: Sudden pork suddenly dysen, feces, yellow or gray yellow, with

bubbles and odor. When severe, the anal incontinence, thin, dehydrated, and dead

2. Prevention and treatment: (1) Strengthen the feeding management of the mother pig, do a good job in the coil and use

Health and disinfection, let the piglets eat early and the early milk, enhance the self-immunity.
(2) The birth of the child pig property should be carefully cleared and disinfected, and piglets eat

The sow should be disinfected with the sow nipple and the surrounding skin with 0.1% potassium permanganate.
(3) Use pure Chinese medicine products to solve the white diarrhea
can be used to use:
Prevention: 100G mixture or drinking water 500-1000 kg. Treatment: Pig 1g / day,

Chinese pig 2g / day, large pig 3g / day, twice a day, with 5-7 days.
One day, one day, 4g / head once, with cool white water or pure water

Piglet yellow daunthen, the mortality is very high, the sow must be

Before prevention, piglets should be eaten as soon as possible, enhance piglet disease

capabilities, if you find piglet yellowsery, you should treat sows and piglets in time.

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