What color is the color of Snownery?

u=36800240,3966382026&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Many friends love Schnauzer, but also want to pick a snow Nairui, but most people don’t know what color of authentic Schnauzer. What color to buy?

First, only three types of genuine Cheneri hair (Mao)

    1. Color:

  • The exemplary pretzine is confined to black and white hair, namely white black hair, a white silver white and iron gray and silver white. 2. Black and silver white:
  • Refers to the entire area of ​​the whole color of the color, the darkness must be black, black and silver is black and the hair is black.

  • 3. Black: The ideal black scale Schnauzer is real solid color, no fading, discoloration, mixing color. Although the bottom of the film should be pure black. The elderly or sunshine will make the black fadel, there is a small piece of white sessions in front of the chest; the part caused by scars is not a shortcomibility of being delayed.
  • Second, unqualified colors:
  • If the Schnauzer poodle appears on the multi-color area, it is a grouped hair color. If there is other Schnauzer hair color, it is not a good snow color color.

Excellent and idiographic color; black and silver white; black, these three colors are genuine purebred mini Schnauzer hair colors. How do you know?

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