What did the cat different sleeping position?

u=2083047876,614643812&fm=26&gp=0.jpg How do your cat usually sleep? Different character’s cats will have different sleeping positions, what is the cat’s sleeping position? Today, I will parse you.

Look at it, you can know the temperature

People often say “cats and waists”, that is, people like cats, curled together . In people’s impressions, the cat is always a bow to shrink the body into a group. In fact, the cat is sleeping is not just this kind of posture, and his sleep can be described as a five-flowers.

In fact, the reason why the cat will fall up to sleep because it feels cold. This posture of this will be attached to the abdomen in the abdomen can prevent the loss of body temperature. If the cat’s tail is long, they will also cover the tail as a scarf in the body so they feel very warm.

Although the cat’s response to the cold is not as sensitive as our human beings, the cats from the desert are also very afraid of cold. Therefore, if the temperature falls to about 15 degrees Celsius, they will push into a group.

If the temperature has risen slightly, the body that is tightly contacted together will become slightly relaxed. If the temperature continues to rise is very hot, then the cat will expand the whole body, and the four-tensile is lying down. In short, the sleep of the cat is like a thermometer.

Close to the abdomen

Because the temperature at home is relatively stable, but it can sleep very peaceful, so the sleeping position of the cat will become a heart. Their sleeping positions are often loose – or quadruple eight or the abdomen is exposed.

If the cat is sleeping, it proves that they are very relaxed at this moment. Because their abdomen is soft, there is no preparation, not particularly safe, they will not expose the abdomen sleep.

In the case of the field, if the cat takes a backsmeted posture, once there is an enemy to escape or fight, it takes time to adjust, often the delay of this adjustment, making it Attack. Therefore, I don’t know when the enemy will appear, the cat is extremely less exposed to the abdomen.

Similarly, even in their own home, if there is a guest visit, the cat is less than a little nervous, they will not expose the abdomen. TotalFor this, the cat’s sleep is also a sign of their relaxation.

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