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Recently, the phenomenon of chickens and tears begins to increase. So today, we come to the chisel, swollen eyes, tears, hoping to help more farming friends.

The disease caused by the swelling of the chicken group is mainly mycoplasma, flu, Escherichia coli and infectious rhinitis.
Mycoplasma clinical symptoms and cuts: there is a cough in the chicken after infection, nose, and the individual chickens will only appear on or both sides of red swelling, tears, and the foam in the eyes.

There are also foam liquids in the abdominal cavity, the airbag is turbid, thickened, and a yellow cheese sample. Flu

The most prone to occur in two seasons in winter and spring, fast onset, high mortality, and great relationship with viruses.
Each variety aged chicken group is easy to infect, mainly transmitted by air, water, feed or the like.
Clinical symptoms and examination: The first in the early stage of the chicken group is the respiratory symptom, cough, voice, reach the neck, head eyelid edema, row, white green feces. Decline, increased drinking water, decreased eggs in laying eggs or discontinued, and the quality of the egg decreased sandburi eggs, soft shell eggs, little eggs.
Anthelammertric, muscle stomach hemorrhage, intestinal bleeding, irregular bleeding spots, respiratory mucosa bleeding, congestion; cardiac bleeding, myocardial hemorrhage, sphenthal hemorrhage, kidney swelling bleeding, and Uricate deposition, egg chicken follicle deformation, denaturation, bleeding or congestion; tubal mucosa swollen, there is a discolored purulent secretion.

Infectious rhinitis

The most common in autumn and winter season, is most common in the commodity egg hook, easy to cause decline in chicken, decline in production performance, and the disease is most easily occurred.
Clinical symptoms and cuts: the chicken group infected the beginning of thin nasal liquid, gradually thick, stink, and formed yellow crust after drying.
Causes the chicken group sneezing, the head, the nose appears, the eye is inflamed, tears, swelling around the eyelids, the inspection nasal cavity, the nasal and sinus mucosa have bleeding or congestion, and has a large amount of mucus and cheese samples .

E. coli is a conditional pathogenic bacteria, for some antibiotics

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