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Everyone knows that fur animals breed once a year, if the reproductive period is not done well, it will affect a year of breeding benefits! So the most important thing in the reproductive period is more production! ! ! It has always, there are many factors affecting the production of production, such as feeding management, selection, levy, physical condition adjustment, feed ratio, disease, etc. Most farmed friends have paid more attention to the above links. However, there is a factor that is neglected – the crosses of the breeding fertilization rate of the beast want to improve the breeding fertilization rate of the behemas is to form a fertilized egg. Sperm formation requires 2-3 months, in the sperm formation, amino acids such as arginine, glutamic acid and tocopherol, trace element zinc demand gradually increase, if these nutrition is lacking or lacking, can cause the field of the beast Less amount, low sperm vitality, poor density, low fertilization, especially in front of these trace nutrient elements, and it is important. Therefore, many farmers will feed the eggs before breeding, because there is more arginine in eggs, there is a certain benefit to breeding, but the eggs can not meet all the nutrition required for the beast, then how to make other nutrition? Feeding “living abortion” is not a drug, and does not contain hormones. It is suitable for the natural nutrients of the beast. It can make the behemial liquid volume, the sperm is more, high and strong, thus improving the breeding fertilization rate. Living plain is developed by the PhD of China Agricultural University, specializing in improving the recruitment of the promotion of the beast, proves that the majority of farmers have been proved in the past ten years, and the essence rate of life is good! Good things share with everyone: live induced from New Year’s Day to the end of the breeding, you can add it to the beast every day, you must remember that the breeding is more than half a month, and the effect is better! All local dealers have sales, or directly call auspicious three treasures gold medal nationwide free hotline 400-0565-010, consult purchase.

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