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Secret (first quarter): How difficult is the hem of the chicken?

Original: Zhu Zihua

Recently the weather is high, we have received a lot of farmers, saying that their chickens have a breath, and the respiratory drug drugs have been treated in succession, and the symptoms have not improved.

For chicken summer respiratory tract, many people have misunderstandings. Today I will share the summer respiratory problem of the chicken. After reading you, you know why your chicken respiratory tract is so difficult to treat.

Understand the respiratory system:

The respiratory system of the chicken is open, so-called open, it will be linked to the outside world. The air will enter the lungs directly through the nasal cavity.

There are many albums, foreign matter in the outside air, and if these things directly enter the chicken body, the damage caused by the chicken is irreversible. The process of biological evolution is a survival of the fittest. In order to cope with this open-handed situation, the nasal cavity has a special meaning.

As the first defense line of the respiratory system of the chicken, the nasal cavity of the chicken has the effect of filtration air, warm air. The nasal cavity of the chicken has no nose hair, but there are many lymphoid tissue to prevent external foreign matter, and the pathogen enters the chicken body.

Hereby summer respiratory tract:

In high temperature weather, the first performance of the chicken is a mouthpiece. The chicken is no sweat gland, and it cannot be cooled, heat dissipation. Only by quick breathing quickly, bring out the heat in the body.

This situation, the nasal cavity is lost, there is no nasal cavity to warm and filter air, and the air directly into the trachea. Such foreign objects will increase directly into the trachea and the probability of the lungs.

The disease source microorganisms and dust enters the trachea, attached to the tracheal mucosa, causing the react of the chicken. The mucosa of the chicken will secrete mucus, wrap these foreign matter, then gradually pushed these mucus to the throat by the fracture of the respiratory mucosa, and then excluded the chicken body by the head.

When the mucus gathered in the throat, the chicken will have a snoring sound, but in the summer, the long breathing rate of the chicken is fast, the water in the mucus is fast, the sputum viscosity is rising, it is not easy Exclusted in vitro, so it has a hot snoring. For such hot snoringNot good.

For such a respiratory tract, use anti-inflammatory drugs, can be alleviated, but it cannot be cured. The impact of the external environment on the chicken is continuous, and there will be repeated administration, and the effect is not ideal.

For such a respiratory tract, the focus is to improve the environment of the chickenhouse, reduce dust, which reduces foreign matter into the respiratory tract, reducing stimulus. At the same time, pay attention to cool down, the temperature is suitable, and there is less breathing, such a respiratory tract will gradually decrease.

For such a respiratory trip, I personally suggest that the antibiotics of the respiratory tract is not only caused by economic damage, but repeatedly processed, but also the internal organ damage of the chicken. Chicken’s own resistance.
For the respiratory tract already occurring, the treatment can be treated by increasing the resistance of the bronch mucosa of the chicken. You can use the tangible, pure plant essential oil, and improve the resistance of the bronch mucosa of the chicken. At the same time, the phlegm will not cause damage to the internal organs of the chicken, more beneficial to the growth of the chicken.

Next time I will share the cause of the summer broiler respiratory and the lack of chicken respiratory tract, welcome everyone to pay attention to me.

Teacher Zhu Zihua

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