What do you measures to prevent chickens?

Chicken chronic respiratory disease is also known as a mycoplasma, a chronic contact infectious disease caused by chicken and turkey with chicken defeat XUE bacon infection. Taking breathing difficult, the squadron is characterized by sinus swelling.

Extra easy to explode other infectious diseases, such as new city disease, infectious rhinitis, adverse branch, throat, E. coli, etc., which is the most easily infected, etc. Sick, thus claims these two diseases as “sister disease.”

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1, this disease can occur in four seasons, especially in winter, spring is serious.

2, each of the ages can be infected, and the chick zui is sensitive in 1-2 months.

3, can be propagated horizontally, and it can be propagated vertically.
4, conditional infectious diseases.

5, easy to send other diseases.

Express symptoms: tears, foam sample fluids, nasal running fluids, difficulty breathing (tensile neck breathing), voice, eye, meat, gas Nang turbid, nasal and sinus Cheese sample material.

Prevention measures:

No drugs for cell walls cannot be used. Because the mycoplasma has no cell wall structure, the drug acts on cell walls does not have effects on chronic respiratory disease.

2. Release its resistance. Since the mycoplasma is often in the bacterium, when used in general Kangshengsu, the respiratory disease is easy to relapse, and the re-infected pathogenesis has produced different degrees of drug resistance to the used antibiotics.

3. Purify the seedlings and reduce vertical transmission.

4. Strengthen feeding management and environmental control, reduce stress. Because chronic respiratory disease is conditional illness, this disease is extremely occurs once the end causes or external causes.

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