What do you need to pay attention to breeding elderly?

timg.jpg When the dog enters the elderly, it cannot be treated as in the past, and their own immunity is declining, which will be threatened by various infectious diseases, so at this time, it is necessary to do a good job in regular vaccine. It is not necessary to suddenly change the original habit in life. He summarizes five points I hope you can pay attention.

1, epidemic prevention is unpaidless

After the dog step into the elderly, autoimmunity declines, it will be threatened by various infectious diseases, so be sure Give them a vaccination. In addition, taking a bath, combing, etc., combing, etc. can accelerate blood circulation, enhance resistance, and reduce the probability of infection.

2, regular medical examination

The old dog is best for half a year in order to find the disease in time, treat it as soon as possible. Many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tumors, etc., once there are obvious symptoms, most instructions have entered the middle and late, and the treatment is difficult. If it can be found in time, take appropriate treatment means, the life of the dog will extend some or less pain.

3, keeping the dog’s habits

Try to keep its original living habits. It is best not to have too much adjustment at the schedule, don’t suddenly change its living environment, such as change the host, change the nest, etc. The dog’s nest should keep warm, dry. 4, food is easy to absorb

The food characteristics of the old dog is: high nutrition, easy to absorb. The old dog teeth are not good, the gastrointestinal function is declining, it is best not to give it too hard food, otherwise it is not easy to absorb; it is best not to give it a chicken liver, it is easy to cause vitamin A poisoning; should supplement calcium, trace elements, etc. Give it sufficient water.

5, should pay attention to

Elderly dogs are easy to have osteoporosis, so take it more sun; also let it exercise properly, prevent Since obesity causes the internal organs to overweight, there are some old age; try to make the dog on the stairs, because the stairs are easy to cause spine damage; do not do strenuous exercise, it is easy to cause muscle strain, fracture, etc. The old dog is hearing, visual, etc., when you go out, the owner is best not to get too far, otherwise the dog is easy to get lost.

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