What do you need to pay attention to the dog?

src=http___5b0988e595225.cdn.sohucs.com_images_20180412_14a2ee17b28a41878c2b24a3e86b73db.jpeg&refer=http___5b0988e595225.cdn.sohucs.jpg With the concept of scientific dog dogs, many old age dogs can also understand why they cannot blindly give the dog’s bones. Of course, there is a certain benefit to the dog’s bones, just to give them the bones, you must know the following precautions before giving them bones.

    1, calcium supplementation function:

  • 啃 bones can make calcium, although the dog really gives it to the calcium that makes it up with it, but how much is A certain calcium action. 2, clean teeth function:
  • Clean tooth, this benefit is affirmative. Because the dog is rubbling the surface of the teeth, there is a good cleaning effect on its teeth. You have not seen the countryside or not to raise the dog so delicate place, the dog’s teeth are often bright and white, because they often have the opportunity to lick the big bones and eat hard food.

  • 3, stool molding: can also promote stool molding, after the dog eats bones, the stool will be dry than usual. If your dog usually loves your stool, you will try it to you.
  • 4 It will use the sofa and the floor to hone your teeth.

  • 5, chicken duck bone: Need to pay attention to the bones of the dogs can not be given to the dog, these bones are sharp and hard, easy to scratch the pig’s stomach, serious needs Go to the hospital to cut out, but the dog is suffering. Also don’t eat more, constipation.
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