What do you need to pay attention to your dog calcium?

timg (5).jpg For dog supplemental calculations, prevent dogs from being lost in daily life, then what do you pay attention to when calcium for dogs?

First, calcium supplement

1, homemade food: If the owner feeds to the dog is homemade food, it should pay more attention to them Homemade food increases the ratio of calcium. And if it is a long-term eating animal liver or a meat, it should also increase the ratio of calcium in food.

2, vitamin A: If the dog is only long-term intake of high concentrations of vitamin A, it will also cause the dog to inhibit calcium absorption, then it should also be increased in food. The ratio of calcium.

3, pet calcium tablets:

There is no obvious difference for dog calcium supplementation and people. Generally, human calcium supplement products are equally applicable to dogs. In addition, calcium tablets, of course, referring to pet-specific calcium tablets. 4, pet calcium powder:

If the pet dog is not willing to eat, you can change to buy calcium powder. When you eat, you can get on the dog food.

5, milk products: Edible food such as dairy products and cartilage, and reduce the food intake of more vitamin A content such as liver, and also benefit calcium supplements.

1, calcium absorption: The absorption of calcium absorption is not completely according to it. People’s will: how much, how much absorption; more, the more absorption, the more absorption, this is wrong. The calcium is the focus of how much the gastrointestinal absorption is.

2, vitamin D:

    Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium in intestines. When vitamin D is lacking, even if you make more calcium, you can’t absorb well. Vitamin D can also inhibit the excretion of the kidney to calcium and promote the decalcium of the old bone.

  • 3, health calcium calcium: Food calcium is safe to say, food calcium is safer than drug calcium supplementation, eating normal food, does not cause calcium excess. In addition to the dairy products, you can also give beans, shrimp skin, fishEquipment for food, as well as the sun and outdoor sports are also conducive to the absorption and utilization of calcium.
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