What do you pay attention to when the dog winter insurance?

src=http___n.sinaimg.cn_front_561_w807h554_20190101_aNkY-hqzxptn1528764.jpg&refer=http___n.sinaimg.jpg Seasonal transformation, people may suffer from a cold, don’t say some weak and unbailful dogs. While keeping your dog warm, what do you need to pay attention to?

  • Winter puppies best let the dog There is a separate bed, the upper mat is on the mat, and you must change your diligence, keep the dry sunny day, let the dog sun, strengthen the exercise, enhance physical fitness, and improve the disease resistance. 2, dog hostess cleaning:
  • Since the weather is cold, the dog is not willing to go outside the house, if the dog will increase the humidity in the kennel in the kennel, The dog is easy to get skin disease, and can cause a large amount of heat,

  • 3, Timed with dog bowl:
  • Therefore, we should minimize the humidity should be adjusted to the house. And to sweep the dog, keep the kennel is warm and comfortable, clean and dry.

  • 4, heat nutritional complement: Winter temperature low dog calorie consumption, such as feeding energy feed according to normal standards, can not meet the energy needed for dog growth and development.
  • 5, add animals and vegetable greases: Therefore, winter pug’s feed should be added to the protein, pay attention to energy, can use corn, rice and other energy feeds. It is necessary to add animals and vegetable fats if necessary.
  • 6, more replenishment vitamins:

  • If you add a bowl of broth or bone soup every night, in addition, winter dogs have higher demands to vitamins, so The supply of vitamins must be sufficient.

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