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The fermentation bed pig does not need to use clean emissions to pig manure, nor does it form a large number of rolled sewage, so that there is no waste, excrement discharges pig farm, basically realizes the “zero emission” standard of pollutants, greatly reduced The pig industry pollution is contaminated. Under normal circumstances, medical expenses can also be saved, because after the beneficial microorganisms in the fermentation bed of the pig, can help digestion, and also increase the resistance of the pigs to a certain extent. Due to fermentation bed, pigs are rare to sick, greatly reduce drug use, while reducing pork drug residues, making pork better, higher price. Therefore, the promotion and application of ecological environmental fermentation bed breeding technology is a great innovation in the pig industry, which is an effective magic weapon that breaks the three challenges of pigs. Specific performance in the following three aspects:
1, environmental protection: pig manure wastewater self-digestion
By using a dried eco-fermented bed pig technology, the stench of the pig farm disappears, and the urine is under the crop of the beneficial bacteria A portion of the degraded gas is discharged to odor, for example: water vapor and CO2; another portion is converted into a nutrients such as crude protein, bacterial protein and vitamins. Eliminating the pollution of manure on the ecological environment from the source, so that the circle is unconscious, and zero emissions. Moreover, the loading of the fermentation bed can also be circulated, and it is an organic fertilizer to apply into farmland. Transforming pigs, pig manure is turned into treasures, not only solves the problem of innocent discharge of pig farm pollutants, but also a three-winning, achieving economic, social and environmental protection, but also a farmer income and creation Good project.
2, safety off: Pork security is guaranteed
Fermentation bed breeding technology, first requiring the ventilation conditions of the pig house to be good, the cultured density should also be reasonably regulated according to the size of the pig. Moreover, the fermentation bed material eliminates the odorous substances in the manure by physical adsorption, chemistry, and the biochemical effect of the fermentation process, and the animal has long lived in a large number of beneficial bacteria environments, which significantly improves animal disease resistance. Pigs are rarely sick. Under normal circumstances, they do not need to take medicine, which greatly reduces the residue of pork, and the pork is better, the growth is smooth, and it can be put in advance.
3, the price is off: the cost of pig pigs is reduced
Ecological fermentation bed breeding technology, especially the use of microbial technology to pig industry, greatly reduced the comprehensive cost: pig arch fermentation bed pad, each pig Approximately 100 pounds of feed; the beneficial bacteria in pig arch foodlets, enhanced resistance, rarely sick, greatly reduce drug investment,Each pig can save 5-8 yuan for medical expenses; gold baby dried sail, winter warm summer, big reduction of coal-electricity costs; fermented bed piggyback does not have to clean up pig manure, save electricity, water sail More than 80%.
Of course, there are some problems that need to be close attention to the fermentation bed pig technology. For example, a fermentation bed is a continuously operated microbial system that requires a suitable operating condition. In my country, special ventilation and rhinetic measures are required in China’s wet heat areas in China. These require users to adopt flexible measures in the construction and daily feeding management.

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