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The factory circulating water farming uses modern equipment and technical means, in addition to purifying water quality, saving water resources, can also increase cultured density, thereby increasing the benefits of farmers. So what equipment does it need?
The equipment required by factory cultures is related to its factory. It is generally possible to be divided into fish pond, water quality purification filtration, oxygenation system, disinfection system, temperature control system, water quality monitoring system and other components.
Aquaculture, which is an indispensable infrastructure of aquatic product feeding and growing. Its shape, size, and depth need to be designed according to the stocking density, living habits of the cultured water products. Fish can be divided into cement pool, glass steel breeding tank, PP plastic breeding tank, but generally circulating water breeding is recommended using PP plastic fish pond, because PP fish pool is corrosion, long life, and convenient maintenance, can change from the situation at any time to change into and out of water Aspect;
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Water quality purification equipment

This is for the pool because there is too much contaminant such as long-term feeding, some fish feces, and bait, and the water quality is designed to be treated. The general filtration device has the following: Fully automatic roller microfiltration system: Solid particles for water treated in the early stage of sepal water, are widely used in solid-liquid separation. Protein separator: The protein separator is the latest equipment for China Aviation Environmental Protection. Its action can quickly remove the bait and feces such as water in the water before being decomposed into a toxic substance such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrite. Biological filtration system: Remove harmful substances such as ammonia / nitrogen, nitrite, nitrate, cyanide, and purify the water quality in a cultured sewage.

A oxygenating equipment With a large amount of oxygen in the water, a large amount of oxygen is consumed, and the dissolved oxygen in the water is less and less. When affecting the normal growth of the fish, it needs to be carried out by oxygenation equipment. Oxygen replenishment. Oxygen generators and solubols are a hydrocarbon aquaculture. The oxygen generator uses air as a raw material, and then incorporates pure oxygen into the water by a dissolved oxygen, enabling the growth and life requirements of the aquaculture water.
Disinfection equipment
Want to use the aquaculture water to be used, you must sterilize, onlyThere is a harmful microorganism such as sterilization of bacteria and viruses, and aquatic products can grow healthily and safely. The general disinfection equipment has ultraviolet sterilizers and ozone. UV sterilizer is an ultraviolet ray exudated by UV lamp to anticoctivism, degrading chloride in water by photolysis. The ozone-integrated machine is an anti-virus equipment in recent years. By providing the ozone of ozone, it provides the most effective water toxic bactericidism at low cost, and it can be directly prepared with air, which is very environmentally friendly. However, the amount of ozone must be controlled and cannot be drained. Therefore, the residual ozone removal is born, and its effect is mainly to remove residual ozone and protect the living biofilter in the biological filter.
Water quality monitoring controller
For factory-chemical aquaculture, there will be more than dozens of fish ponds, and it is impossible to see every fish pool. This requires water quality monitoring equipment, and connects to mobile terminals. We only need to observe the water quality parameters of each fish in the computer or mobile phone, that is, simple and convenient.

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