What food can you eat?

u=1796513059,1676904593&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Like the dog, there are many foods that cannot be eaten. The cat belongs to the meat animals. It can take full nutrition from fish or meat. In order to make the cat cats can take a balanced nutrition, they must feed them. Animal protein.

According to the student of the animal, cat cats particularly requires a nutrient called tauric acid amino acid. It is said that this is because cats can’t synthesize taurine in the body. If you can’t take this amino acid from food, the cat can not see things at night, and more serious consequences are blind. Therefore, cat food has an appropriate amount of taurine. By the way, the dog can synthesize taurine in the body, so dog food does not need to add taurine. So, this is why dogs can eat cat food, but the cat can not eat dog food.

The first rush is onion or onion. The cat cat eats this kind of food or contains such food, the red blood cell will dissolve, lead to anemia, or blood is toxic – whether it is very terrible. The red blood cells in the blood are destroyed, and the cat will fall into the state of extreme anemia, and the red urine is discharged, which will lead to death!

Then it is a chicken. This thing is very sharp, people are easily injured when people eat chicken, cats are more likely to be stabbed to the throat and stomach, then it is bleeding ….. Of course, the larger fish bones are easy to blew to cat cat’s throat And the oral cavity, so don’t feed it for the whole fish because of cat natural hormones, or diligently, help it pick up the big thorn.

Human food, especially a pickled product, cat dogs must not eat. Dear friends, dog friends, please have to take a quit! The back blue fish (such as bamboo fish, eye fish) contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, if the cat has been eating this kind of fish, will lead to vitamin E lacking, Then you are sick.

Milk is a necessity for the growth of calves, but it is not very good to be absorbed by a cat and dog. Pure milk will lead to cat dog diarrhea. It is best to add water. If you eat too much squid, octopus and shellfish will have gastrointestinal dysfunction. Squid, octopus easily caused poor catastrophe, causing stomach expansion. However, after these things can be cooked, you can feed a small amount, when cat cat occasionally small snacks.

Chocolate contains a large number of methyl xanthine bases, including cocoa and coffee because of the master, cats will cause acute.Toxicity in gastrointestinal, nerves and hearts. The symptoms of poisoning are different depending on the amount of food and the body weight of the cat. The appetite is weak, fluid, vomiting, dysentery, frequent urination, central nervous excitement, trembling, unstable pace, cramp, heartbeat breathing accelerated, arrhythmia.

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