What food will cause damage to the cat?

u=3465617276,3292750556&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Try not to feed the cat to eat some food residue or a special “meal” because these foods are not enough to provide a comprehensive balanced nutrition for the cat. Even if you feed these foods, it should be appropriate, don’t let your cat prefer a kind of food, because they may cause a cat. For example:


    Some cats love liver and refuse to eat other foods. The liver contains a large amount of vitamin A, excessive intake of vitamin A can cause muscle stiffness, neck pain, bone and joint deformation and liver disease.

  • High-fat food: If the cat’s diet contains a large amount of high-fat fish or fat, it can cause it to lack vitamin E, thereby causing body fat, and extreme pain.
  • Submon: Some raw fish contain enzymes that can destroy vitamin B1, while the lack of vitamin B1 can lead to neurological diseases, which will be fatal. This enzyme can be destroyed by heating, so it is necessary to prepare the fish after feeding the cat.
  • Meat:

  • Although the cat’s diet should be dominated by meat, but you can’t just feed meat. This will lead to unevenness of minerals and vitamin intake, which in turn triggers severe bone metabolic disorders. Dog food:
  • You can also use dog food to feed the cat, because nutrients in dog grains are not enough to meet the needs of cats. Because the cat is a meat, the dog is a miscellaneous animal, and the dog’s demand for nutrition is not as big as the cat.

  • Covenic and oil: should be cautious when adding extra vitamins and minerals for cats, because if it is improper use, it will cause harm to it. Excessive cod liver oil can lead to super intake of vitamin A and vitamin D, which in turn triggers skeletal disease.
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