What happened to the cat beard?

timg (7).jpg Take a look at the pet cat’s face, whether it is a young cat, an adult cat or an old cat, growing long beard on both sides of the mouth. I don’t know why, the beard of the cat is also broken. Beard’s importance is not to emphasize that the cat mustache is old, what is going on?

Some netizens said that the cat’s beard is old, indicating that it is malnourished, and Severe lack of illumination. The beard of the cat is broken mainly because blood is less vitamin B, the cat’s body lacks nutrients, and the physical fit is very fragile, and the resistance is low. Of course, to solve this situation, strengthen usual diet management is still the most basic.

There are also netizens say that if the cat is in the young, when the old age is broken, the parents don’t worry too much. Because these are all cases of physiological growth of cats themselves. The newly born cat will change the hair after a period of time, so the beard is also normal. And elderly cats have gradually aging because the body function begins, so it is difficult to avoid the situation.

In addition, there are netizens who think that cats and beards may be infected with certain diseases. For example, the cat is infected with fleas, fungi, and induces severe skin disease. The fur is falling off, and the epidermis is erythema, sore. Alternatively, the cat has serious endocrine, and under the influence of these factors, the cat will also have a hosie.

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