What if I don’t love food?

Pig does not love to eat, how to do big pigs eat slow appetite, how to do pig’s appetite, what do you think? Just like people don’t want to eat, there are some reasons, the same pig is also the same, find the disease, prevention and treatment, and good eyes. In general, there are several cases why pigs are low, and the cause is poor. [size = 12.0000pt] 1, feed problem. Like a kind of feed, suddenly convert another kind of feed or feed, a factor such as mold, will affect the appetite and feeding capacity of pigs, when feeding daily, pay attention to observation, and take prevention and treatment Measures. [SIZE = 12.0000pt] 2, indigestion. The intestinal colonogenesis is destroyed. It is not effective to digest the feed, and the intuitive phenomenon is that there are unsubstated feed, corn granules. At this time, you can take Jianweizhi, promote digestion, which is avoided. Waste, and reduced circle ammonia odor. [size = 12.0000pt] 3, disease will occur. When the pig suffers from some diseases, it will affect its appetite, resulting in a decrease in feed, this time, it is necessary to pay attention to observation, confirmed pig conditions, timely medication, treatment, pigs only restore health, food is normally .

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[size = 12.0000pt] 4, management is not good. Feeding, material, feeding time zero, surrounded by hateroar, the weather is too cold or too hot, etc., will affect the appetite of pigs, indirectly can’t eat food, eat less, naturally affect normal growth , Combined with the actual situation, find why, timely take prevention and control measures. In addition, it can also add some additives to add some additives, and better enhance the appetite of pigs, promote playback, such as the commonly used pumping additive Fert Beauty is a good choice, and its effect is remarkable in pig practice. Many, long and long, also have anti-disease effects, pig feeding, feedback, early stage: greedy, smoother, feces; medium: skin red, bright, resistance; late: back wide, Hip full, more weight; full range: health, green, no drug disabled. In 2017, it was rated as consumers by Henan TV to eat “fertile”.Long fast, early bars, real good, promote long products, good effects can be seen, help us make money is the last word. The above is the related content of the pigs, how to love food, want to know more about Ermei, welcome to call the website, we will be happy to serve you, exchange pig technology, experience, complement to win, together, let us The breeding industry is doing well, help us easily raise pigs to make big money!

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