What is a swine fever? How to prevent swine fever?

Pig fever is also known as rotten or pigs, is an acute, thermal, highly contagious disease caused by swine fever viruses. Its seizures feature that the pathogenesis is mostly acute, often high heat, bleeding, infarction and necrotic, the disease is prolonged, often followed by the larvae, Salmonella or Pork Bacillus. It can be divided into acute, subacute, chronic, non-typical or hidden diseases.
Pig fever is the most popular infectious disease in pig infectious diseases, which is also a kind of strong infectious disease that is the largest in pigs, and the loss is extremely serious.
Symptom: The incubation period is generally 7 to 10 days, up to 21 days. Depending on the length of the disease, it can be divided into the most acute, acute, subacute, and chronic type.
1) General precautions: 1 insist on self-cultivation, reduce pig flow, introduce pigs to purchase from healthy pig farms, must have an epidemic prevention certificate. Newly purchased pigs must isolate feeding, observe diseaseless, can be blended. 2 Strengthen feeding management and improve the disease resistance of pigs. According to the large, small, strong, weak, male, mother, etc., parents, and feeding pigs to quantify. Do a good job in environmental sanitation work. The pigs are treated with pigs, and the pigsty should be diligent, and the hardcore is cleaned, keep the pigsty dry, and the feeding should often wash and disinfect. 3 Prevention of vaccination: injection of swine fever rabbit chemical disinfection vaccines is an effective measures to prevent swine fever. The pigs are prevented in the spring and autumn, and the head injection should be made to increase the density of epidemic prevention. Piglets were vaccinated 12 days after birth, they were imminated to immortal vaccines to ensure that swine fever did not occur during lactation. Since the immunity is not strong in breastfeeding pigment, it must be injected once after breast milk. Safeguards the immunization of swine fever within one year. In the epidemic area and threatening areas, the pig-produced pigs can be used for 20 days, 50 ~ 60 days of age, and pigs can be excited in spring and autumn.
2) Measures to be taken when there is a swine fever. 1 Blocking the epidemic area: Be early, fast, strict, and small principles to put off the swine fever. A pig farm or region where an epidemic situation occurs, should be diagnosed as soon as possible, isolating the sick pig, and block the isolation zone. It is forbidden to transfer pigs in the blocked point, not to buy and sell the pig. 2 Strict treatment of sick: Once diagnosed as swine fever, sick pigs should be robust. The emergency field should choose to be far from the pigsty, the blood, visceral and sewage of sick pigs, internal organs and sewage should be deeply buried, and the meat can be cooked after cooking. All utensils that have been contacted by sick pigs must be used in hot alkali waterDisinfecting. 3 Emergency vaccination: When the pig farm has entered the swine fever, it should be an emergency vaccination with 3 parts of the pigs with three parts of the pig, and can control the epidemic. 4 thoroughly disinfected: After sick pigs disinfected, completely starting the ring, shovel, shovel, replace the fresh land, pig manure should be accumulated. During the prevalence of swine fever, we should disinfect every 2 to 3 days from the feeding equipment.
If you want the pig, the pig farm has less purification. Tiandao Group launched a purification program:
Kang alone is easy + righteous + clear fire twice, one month. Purify every four months. The first month:
for the first half of the month: CD + Zhenggi mixture 500g
Next half month: Kang alone Yihao mixture 500g
Second month:
first half: Qing Fire + positive mixture 1000g
in the second half of the month: Kang alone is easy to mix the mixture of 1000g
Remarks: small pig 10g, Chinese pig 20g, large pig 30g
Tiandao mission: Care for pig enterprises from being plagued from disease.
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