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Regular definition: The determination of dairy cattle production is the determination of breast-breast milk properties and milk components, but also known as a cow population, reflecting a comprehensive technology of the general production level of the national dairy industry, and promptly discovery of cattle field management Adjusting feeding and production management, effectively solving practical problems. Maximize the production efficiency of cows and the benefits of breeding economic.
However, in such a year of determination, it feels a lot of pasture since the participation in the future, it seems that we have detected its existence for the pasture. This issue should have we solve it, huh, huh, Once the problem is unable to handle, it means that the problem does not detect is the same, and there is no way to get the problem.
We often say that it is better to teach fish than to fish. First of all, we are the detection unit, not the field length or consultant hired by the pasture. At this stage, we have to do how accurate and fast for the ranch, after which it has credible report, then make a little about it. Analysis, simply point out some shortcomings in the pasture, suggesting pastures to rectify. Instead of telling the pasture manager, what kind of medicine you should do, what kind of feed formula is used, these are the technical and managers should do, we don’t need to be more likely.
As far as the technical level is still insufficient to get all the problems of the pasture, some things need to be conclusions from practice, rather than simple relying on various experimental data.


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