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What is cocci? Callus is a parasites of livestock and poultry. It is a native animal (an alice), which is a single cell animal, which means that coccidia is composed of a cell. The cell structure of the protonsthetics is very simple, mainly consisting of two parts: cytoplasmic and nuclear nucleus. The pathogens of livestock poulticket diseases is the prototels of the sporectus Tricho, all kinds of intracellular parasitic, all kinds of animals have their own dislocated coccidi, not mutual infection, in veterinary There are two genus, that is, Emerald, and the like. The Emmel is characterized by the formation of four spore sacs in the ovoids, and each spore sac containing two subsets, which are widely parasitic in various livestock and poultry; the like is characterized by embryonic formation in the ovosphere. Two spores, each spore sac containing four subsets, usually parasitic in people, dogs, cats, and other meat animals. Poultry coccidi is mainly caused by the coccidia of Emeir, and its life history is direct developmental shape, and does not require an intermediate host. 1.1 Causes of coccidiasis and pathway pathway in coccidiosis is a disease in a large amount of reproduction and growth in the small intestine, leading to a disease caused by indigestion of small intestines. The dissemination of coccidiasis is mainly due to the presence of soil, feed or drinking water with infectious oocysts in the production process of livestock, and then grows, reproduces, and finally grows under suitable temperature, humidity. Resulting in a large number of coccidi chimeries in the intestines, cause damage to the intestines such as guts. 1.2 The performance of coccidiasis is different in different growth stages, and the situation in which the disease is different, and the clinical manifestation is different. When the poultry in the age of livestock occurs, the clinical manifestation symptoms are also more obvious due to poor residents in young birds. The clinical manifestations are mainly descending, mentally diagnosis, lethargy, weight gain, slow down, sometimes blood, and finally die. Daily livestock, mostly insects, mostly induced its onset through external factors, and its pathogenesis is also relatively slow, the disease is also longer, generally 14 ~ 21 D clinical manifestations: loss of appetite, form Skinny, increased drinking water, weakness, body temperature decrease, some animal performance can be visual mucosa mild yellow, intermittent diarrhea, deep red or gray red, neurological symptoms in the late disease, such as spasm, paralysis, and even death. 2 coccidiasis is one of the diseases that have a disease of livestock and poultry production. The growth breeding of coccidi in the chicken body will not only damage the intestines of the chicken, but alsoDestroying the natural barrier of its intestines, making it infected, eventually leading to death. Moreover, many chickens are the carriers of coccidia, but not only reduce the feeding capacity of chickens in the body, but also reduces feed conversion, extending its outbound time, and ultimately reducing the economic benefits of the aquaculture industry, not conducive to chicken The healthy development of the industry. 3. Prevention and control measures 3.1 Perform a valid disinfection process, completely eliminate all of the ovary. 3.2. Implementation of all-in-law, do a good job of isolation, prohibiting people, vehicles, tool utensils, and cut off the propagation path. 3.3. Strengthen feeding management, supply sufficient vitamin feed to enhance the resistance of the body. Bran contains substances that promote coccidinal development, when the coccidia is burst, to limit the bran content in the diet; calcium carbonate (shells) also has the role of promoting coccidi development, should be used, in coccidi High-risk seasonal can be considered for alternative seashells with phosphate.

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Le Chang, the main ingredient is an imported eucalyptus essential oil in Australia. Due to the particularity of geographic location and environment, the eucalyptus is higher in eucalyptus leaf in Australia. Compared to dual distillation essential oils, more different contents of compounds, the active range of crude oil is broader than refining essential oils; because this small eucalyptus essential oil does not need to be distilled, other components are less lost. Advantageously, greatness is obvious. Le Chang can act directly on the cell membrane, destroy the integrity of the cell membrane, and make the permeability of the cell membrane vary, thus hindering the absorption path of the nutrients on the membrane, so that the nutrients in the film are large, and the parasite is not nutritious. Death. And the music is extraction of natural plants, so non-toxic, harmless, no drug disabled. With the gradual development of no resistance, Le Express will be a product in the future market. The article is the original article of Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd. (www.lcdzs.cn), please indicate the source, thank you

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