What is going on with dog pickup?

u=2107690941,214562161&fm=26&gp=0.jpg I often give the dog to eat big fish, or eat dog cans, they will cause poached bad habits, but because they are their little baby, they will always be pets until one day baby. I didn’t eat dog feed or meal, I didn’t know how to teach him back to normal food.

First, the dog must first eliminate the charter of the dog. If the veterinary doctor evaluates, if the health is good, it is recommended to put the food for 15 minutes. If you don’t eat, you will accept it (twice a day). Dog parents don’t distage! Healthy dogs can not eat three days, as long as there is water to drink. When the dog is still the front of the wolf, there is food every day.

Moreover, it should be checked whether to give the dog enough exercise, take him on a walk every day? Dog pickup, usually, will also be caused by insufficient exercise. In this respect, I believe that most dog parents have improved spaces, it is recommended to be better than one hour.

Many people don’t know if the dog eats dog food or rice. Some people even feel that the dog’s atmosphere is lacking with dogs. I like to adjust myself, but I should pay attention to nutrition. Balance, as well as food dogs with dogs, don’t put too much salt, because dogs don’t sweat, the demand for salt doesn’t need so much.

The reason why dogs should be owned by the owner, because the food chooses food and the thing to eat to dogs, the owner will think is your own baby dog, so I will give it to the ground. Very good, I started to pick it up for a long time.

Sometimes the owner will give dog food, but seeing dogs without having to eat immediately, think that there is no love or distress, so replacing a lot of foods, while dogs will only Choosing the citrus love, long time, dogs will know how much delicious food can be obtained as long as the food given to the owner will get more delicious food.

Or sometimes we will buy cans to eat, such as Xinsha’s very fragrant food, once the dog eats more delicious food, it will hate it before, and there is no aroma or There is no smell of food.

It is not that expensive food is not nutritious, but if nutrient ingredients are enough, you can’t allow dog pickups.

If you have developed a biasI am used to the owner’s determination.

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