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With the fastness of winter, the temperature is getting lower and lower, the temperature in the temperature is no longer able to meet the needs of crops, then how can winter greenhouses warmed? Agricultural experts and users have thought of many ways, such as multilayer film insulation, electricity finish, electric hot wire, hot air furnace heating, etc., although it has achieved a certain effect, but also exposed a lot of defects, if To increase equipment, increase costs, and some have security hazards, or depart from low-carbon environmental ideas. Is there a way to save money, more convenient, and more ecologically environmentally friendly?
Greenhouse greenhouse warming starter is the use of international latest microbial engineering technology, fully utilizing the fermentation of functional microorganisms, transforming straw into the organic and inorganic nutrition, temperature calorie, carbon dioxide required for crops, while producing relevant biological diseases Anti-disease effect, a new bioengineering technology product that eventually obtained high yield, high quality, pollution-free agricultural products. It has the essence of the traditional crop cultivation technology. It is the latest technology of straw harmlessness, resource, local utilization, and cycle transformation. Can water-saving power supply, provincial fertilizer, greatly reduce costs, while increasing production and Quality, increasing production, and improve economic benefits.
Greenhouse warming starters have been proved through many years of actual production test results, with the following benefits:
1. The temperature rise and insulation effect is obvious. After the application of greenhouse warmed the fermentation agent, the supply of carbon dioxide is sufficient, and the temperature is improved. Generally, the ground temperature of 20 cm can be increased by 4-6 ° C, and the temperature is increased by 2-3 ° C. Early spring crops can be planted 10-15 days in advance, planting, can be blooming 7-10 days in advance, as a result, can extend more than 30 days for the hosted period.
2. Good disease resistance is good. The addition of the greenhouse temperature rise of the straw material is sufficient, the carbon dioxide, the yeast, and filamentous fungi, etc. is well-organized, and the resulting anti-illness spore and straw have a large amount of organic, inorganic nutrients, so that the crop grows and strong , The ability to resist disease resistance can reduce the amount of pesticide dosage than 70%, and some can basically do not need to use pesticides, and the anti-replacement of chemical pesticides, and environmentally without pollution is extremely significant.
3. Estate and fattening effect. After the straw rot, a large amount of organic, inorganic nutrients can improve the structure of soil organic matter, humus, enrich the soil beneficial microorganisms, which can greatly improve soil physical and chemical traits, such as soil grain structure, ventilation, water storage capacity, etc. Significantly improved, rootThe number of strips and the fresh weight increase.
4. The new way to open up crop straw, the ecological benefits were significant. The national stalk is 35 billion tons. A large amount of remaining straw is abandoned, incinerated, not reasonable. If the greenhouse warming agent, each 1/15 hectare fruit can be digested about 5,000 kilograms, improve the use of straw, produce good economic benefits, and can effectively solve the environmental pollution, fire, threatening highway driving and planes can effectively solve the environmental pollution, fire, threatening highway driving and plane Lakeout problems.
5. Improve agricultural comprehensive benefits, reduce production costs, improve the quality of agricultural products. The greenhouse lifting agent enters the Daejeon production demonstration has been 2 years, accumulated in 7,000 greenhouses, 67 hectares of orchard promotion applications. Practice shows: Use this technology, every 1/15 hectare (1 mu) an average increase of more than 50%, and there are many typical production. Multi-point application effect shows that the input output ratio of this technology can reach 1: 14 to 16. After the test of gold baba greenhouses, the application situation indicated that various places indicate that more than 50% of chemical fertilizers can be saved, saving 70% of pesticides, and each greenhouse can reduce 300 yuan, while increasing thousands or more. Chemical fertilizers, pesticide usage, significantly improve the quality of fruit, fruit and vegetable appearance and taste have significant improvement.
6. Simple operation, small investment, easy to promote. Applied greenhouse warming starters, only need to dig grooves, straw stalks, sprid, pour water, cover film, daily simple maintenance, every 1/15 hectare (1 acre) greenhouse investment is generally two or three hundred Below, Daejeon investment is more expensive. Due to its simple technology, low investment, good effect, not only can digest idle straw resources, but improve the ecological deterioration caused by drug abuse, pesticides, and the harmful substances of agricultural products are well received by users. The fermentation strength, joint mixing of the greenhouse, and the length of the fermentation, and the temperature of the temperature, and the temperature of the temperature can be adjusted, and therefore, regardless of the South or the north can be convenient.

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