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To date, Anhui has undergone seventh African swine fever! There were 14 cases of ASF epidemic in the country, and there were 12 cases of small-scale pig farms. In real cases, how should we prevent African piglets? On September 6, four African swine fever epidemics were announced a day, indicating that the spread of the disease was accelerating. The province is still six provinces, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, East China into the disaster-stricken area, in which Anhui Province has taken more than seven, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu two. @ CCTV News official microblog September 6 news, the agricultural rural ministry released on September 6, and there was a pig African piglet epidemic in Fengyang County, Anhui Province. It has been harmlessly treated with a blocked, culprit, and killing pigs in the local area, and all pigs and susceptible animals and products are prohibited into or out of the blocking area. The epidemic has been effectively disposed.

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African swine fever epidemic situation list (As of 20180906)
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China Farm Biosafety Measures during Africa ( Recommendation) African swine fever is a very terrible disease. The mortality and incidence of mortality associated with such a disease are enlarged through the cold resistance of the virus, which can be propagated long distance. The method of controlling this disease is very challenging, because there is no effective vaccine to date, and effective vaccines have been taken for a long time. By effective organismSafety measures intervention is the best way to protect farms and pig farmers.

The University of Minnesota has established a porcine sick eradication center in 14 years ago to confirm that in terms of biosafety, eradication effective method measures to eradicate diseases, so far continues to develop. The role of pig sickness includes the participation of American agricultural members, including Pastado, they admit biofactive is not a competition problem, when a community is infected with new diseases, everyone is in danger.

In the next two or three months, we will share scientific knowledge about biosafety in Sao Paulo, Minnesota and Zhengzhou, Henan Province. We will explain and share the method of controlling African swine fever control, emphasizing the following points:

1. Farm builds a biosafety system, and records for documentation, regular review.

2. Cleaning the trucks and equipment outside the farm. All feces on the truck should be removed before drying and disinfected. Wood material cannot be effectively cleaned, so it cannot be used on a truck. 3. Please select disinfectant that can make African swine fever virus.
4. Establish surrounding fences and gates to control animals and people’s entrance.
5. With the opening of all buildings to prevent birds from entering the farm.
6. Provide dedicated clothing and footwear for employees entering the farm, prevent cross-contamination of clothes and footwear.

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7. Reduces the number of pig sources and direct pigs to the slaughterhouse.
8. Anyone who enters the pig and the foreign material extempore.
9. Cooperate with feed suppliers to create similar biofactive measures.
10. Stoping to feed the canteen sins to pigs, any uncoiled pork must not be consumed to eat for farm employees.
To know, a good cost of biosafety systems is high. With labor, pig farmsThe cost of facilities and truck transportation increases, strategic investment is very important, we expect to have a deeper discussion in the field of biosafety.
– Suggested by the University of Pedsong and Minnesota (some of the sources of information: CCTV News, Pastong Public Number) Transfer from: Pig Professional Manager

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