What is the attention of the Schnauzer tooth?

timg (1).jpg The first change in teeth in Xueneui life should be during the age of 3-2 months, and the small snow at this time will slow down the deciduous teeth and then from the new to teeth. When Schnauzer replaces tooth, they will bite furniture, shoes, etc. because they are uncomfortable. Moreover, in order to ensure that Xiaoxue is smooth to teeth, grow up strong new teeth, parents must pay attention to the replenishment of dog calcium.

When Schnauzer is turning into teeth, the gum will become painful, which will make it an emotion, in order to alleviate this uncomfortable, Snow be bite. Therefore, before Xiaoxue shirts, parents should be prepared to have some pet-specific toys, bite, bite, sturdy toys, etc., convenient, snow can be played at any time.

At this time, it should be noted that if the parents find that the small snow is biting things that should not bite, such as sofa, sheets, shoes, wardrobes, etc. Parents should stop in time, then give it a suitable substitute, meet the demand for small snow bite, and help promote its oral teeth long out of the gum.

During Xiaoxue shot, the owner should pay attention to the dog changing tooth and new teeth every day. When the small snow cavity has a lot of new teeth, and some old teeth have never been shed, and it is easy to cause new tooth long positions and gums. For this purpose, the parents need to help the snow to pull the old tolerance. Promote the growth of the new tooth to ensure that the entire transgain process can be completed smoothly.

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