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The number of milk cells reflects the quality of milk and cows, which generally believe that the body cells have more than 500,000 / ml, will have a significant adverse effect on dairy breeding, dairy production, and eating health. Dairy Additives developed by Henan Baitwe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. – the source of milk, which brings a gospel to reduce dairy body cells.
There are many reasons for generating somatic cells, such as environmental hygiene, seasonal and stress, lactation, feed and nutrition, age and fetal, milking equipment, etc., the main reason is because of dairy breast infection causes breastitis The prevention and treatment of breastitis in cows is an important way to control somatic growth, leading to the main cause of breastitis in cows:

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1, most Dispersing milk households without standard Nest, using the original old room, winter can’t keep warm, summer can’t prevent heatstroke, due to dairy cows can’t adapt to weather changes and temperature changes, cars are suffering from breastfeeding. 2, cows do not have a sports venue, can’t get a full exercise, causing cows for a long time, the breasts are extruded in a long time, and it is easy to cause milk cows. 3, the health difference of Niu House, does not perform regular disinfection, the feces in the Niu House is not in time, so that the cows live in wet, dirty environments, catastrophic hygiene and breast hygiene, resulting in cows suffering from breasts inflammation.
4, cows are not fresh, and the nutrients are insufficient to cause breast inflammation.
5, the cow has not been treated in a timely treatment after breast inflammation, resulting in a serious condition of dairy breasts.
6. The intact and working conditions of milking facilities, such as pulsation frequencies, vacuum negative pressure, stability, squeezed transmissions, intact and softness of rubber lining, etc., can affect the health of cows.
What kind of impact does the dairy cell cell exceeds?
1. Influence on the health of cows: the number of cells in milk is equivalent to the “healthy barometer” of the cows, the number of somatic cells increase, basically confirmed The breast or breast of the cow has suffered from the disease, and the milk can be caused in the short term.The amount of milk produced by Niuri declines, and the long-term production of milk milk has been shortened, even after healing, it cannot be restored to the previous milk volume.
2. Influence of milk quality: Dairy processing enterprises have reduced milk for somatic cells, the milk is reduced, and the amount of milk that is seriously exceeded by the bulk cells will be refused. The dairy farmers can only fall, directly affect the economy of dairy breeding. interest.
3, such as milk cells exceed the length of control, or take the treatment measures, it will lead to a sharp decline in milk milk, and the elimination rate of dairy cows is increased, which causes irreparable losses to dairy farmers.
In view of this, the Baitrivi Biotechnology in Henan has developed the source of milk.

(1) Specific IGY:
High-active specific immunoglobulin IGY can direct killing of milk-backed solid bacteria, decreased bacteria and golden grapes Soclas and E. coli, copper green psessa, etc., in particular to effectively kill antibiotics to viruses and mycoplasma and L-type drug-resistant strain resistance. Due to this specific IGY only kills the pathogens, there is no breast bacteria in the boiling breasts, and the brown sporettums in the cowmate;
After entering the digestive tract in the spore state, the resurrection is resurrected by sleep. In the short term, it reproduces a highly high-syndrome population, consumes a large amount of oxygen in the intestines, and can produce hydrogen peroxide, and the bacteria causes the intestinal low oxygen, establishing micro-ecological balance, promoting the propagation of anaerobic microorganisms, and Organic acids such as lactic acid, reduce the pH value of the intestine, indirectly inhibit other pathogenic growth; inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.
(4) lysozyme:
lysozyme is a hydrolase specially acting on microbial cell wall, which loses the protective effect of cell wall to the cell, and ultimately dissolves the bacteria.
(5) Yeast selenia, yeast zinc:
Yeast contains more protein, B vitamins, nucleic acids and minerals, and also produces some health functional active substances. At the same time, some micronutrient selenium, zinc, copper, etc. are added, and the addition of these trace elements is greatly reduced by the number of inflammatory cells, which shortens the disease, significantly reduces the amount of body cells in milk.

(1) Quickly reduce the number of somatic cells, so that the cows quickly recoverHealth production status.
(2) Quickly cure recessive breast inflammation, restore milk production, and avoid clinical breasts.
(3) It can significantly improve the production indicators of dairy cows, increase production of milk production, extension 15-35 days, increase milk fat, while improving the milk protein content;
(4) Powerful increase The resistance of the born dairy cattle effectively prevents the occurrence of prenatal and postpartum disease.
(5) Comprehensively improve the immune function of the lactation dairy body, adsorb feed in the feed toxin, reduce the incidence of hoof disease, effectively prevent the occurrence of various diseases.
(6) Strengthen vaccine protection rate, strengthen the level of immune antibody, avoid immune gap, immunosuppression, and vaccine stress.
(7) Obviously increase the number of beneficial microorganisms in the rumen, improve the rumen fermentation environment, can effectively reduce the diarrhea rate of 47%, increase the feed utilization rate of 3%, reduce the amount of fecal excretion, reduce the ammonia odor, reduce flies .
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