What is the cat love?

u=3635721092,3869824248&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Rest at home, or when you take a break, you will always see the cat curled up this body and lick your own ass. Parents know that cats will lick their ass in order to organize their own hair. If the cat is often licking, the owner should check what the cat is in the end. In addition to properly organizing hair, you will love your ass when you have the following situations.

The hair of the cat is a hotbed of the scorpion flea. Make cats are very itching, in order to solve the itch of the body, the cat will go to lick your own ass, slowing the itching of the jumper.

Anal adenophytes will cause the cat anal swelling, reproductive disease will have secretions to make cat anus Itching nearby. In order to slow the disease, the cat will lick your ass. 3. When parasitic reproduction

Cats with intestinal parasitic disease feel the butt itching, so I will go to my ass.

When the cat is frequently licking his ass, the owner should pay attention to it, should take cats to see the doctor, prevent the generation of disease.

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