What is the cat snoring?

src=http___news.cri.cn_mmsource_images_2013_11_05_sa20131105000000000026.jpg&refer=http___news.cri.jpg Cat often issues “咕咕” sound on his favorite owner, many owners will feel that this is snoring, how is this voice come?

From the perspective of medicine, the skeleton of the cat throat is composed of a parallel cartilage and a cyclic cartilage. The throat is divided into 3 parts, the upper part is the throat, the tail is a false sound. The cavity between the false sound bands and the truth is the second part of the throat. The third part is the cavity between the vocal cord and the cartilage ring, very narrow. When the snoring of the cat is a false sound of vibration, it sounds through the throat. In fact, the cat did not fall asleep when the cat snorted. When the cat was playing, when the spirit was nervous, he did not snoring when he was asleep. Only when the cat is satisfied, or if you are relaxing in the owner, you will make a brisk snoring.

At this point, adult cats and Persian cats have highlighted, and kittens typically snoring. Persian cats are because the nose is short, I love snoring. The adult cat is because of the more understanding of the cat life, more understanding people’s caress and relatives. In addition, if the kitten or big cat does not stop the snoring, it may be a virus infected with the respiratory tract.

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