What is the cat’s hair?

u=2758072207,2355113566&fm=26&gp=0.jpg If you say that the ball is the most worried question of the people who catselves, then I think most of the cat forage will agree with this statement. In order to solve this increasing problem, many pet food manufacturers have also begun to transfer new formulations. The hair ball is actually not a disease, but the problems it caused, but it is not difficult to cause the cats. However, with the increasingness of science, the problem of hairball will be disappeared, this is undoubtedly a big gospel for cat feeders!

When the cat is in the stomach Mao reached to a certain extent, a large number of hair balls gathered in the digestive tract, which may block the intestines. The cat relies on some stimuli to spit the hair. The hair ball generally mix the gastric juice is spit out, sometimes it is only a mixed hair of the gastric juice, and often the same wool like a compressed finger. Civilian food, cats can promote cats and microscopic hair, not all cats spit, and digestive funnel can discharge the hair with feces. It is recommended to regularly give the cat’s food.

The best chemical goal is of course cat grass. At present, there is a good safe and effective, and it is more likely to get wheat and barley, and there are many cats like the dog tail. Many cats will not graze, and parents can cut into food. Cats can also eat capping and chemicals, and chemical flux food help to eliminate hairball.

Secondary hairy cream is now relatively convenient, as long as it fends the cat in accordance with the quantity of the instructions, the price is not expensive, some meticulous merchants also have a long hair and short hair. Product supplier choice.

Recommended parent pliers, removing floating hair. It can make children less bitterness.

Misunderstanding: Shorthair cats are not easy to get hair, in fact, short-haired cats are short and hard, and it is easy to get into the digestive tract. Therefore, the short-haired cat must also be chemically.

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