What is the cause of E. coli?

First, what is chicken E. coli

Chicken E. coli is an important bacterial disease that is harmful to the chicken industry is a infectious disease caused by pathogenic E. coli. This disease can occur, rainy, sultry, damp season, poor ventilation, poor gauge, poor density and chicken group infection new city disease virus, chicken infectious cystic vesicle virus and chronic respiratory disease It is often a major cause of this disease. Then we will understand the origin of Chicken E. coli.

Second, the clinical symptoms of chicken coli

The sick chicken is depressed, feather fluffy, chills, appetite, drinking slightly, dull, dehydration, dehydration. Some of the neck nozzles, the nose separability increase, the chicken is dark purple, single side face; pull white green egg stange feces, surrounding and abdominal feathers are contaminated by feces, a few chicken abdominal with dark purple, some Contains a lot of abdominal water. Eggshell rough, some eggs are small.

Third, the catastrophilization of Chicken Escherichia

The airbag is cloudy, the wall thickening, the liver is obviously swollen, the color is frightening, the surface has yellow white exudative fake masses, bile filling The veneer film is yellow cellulose, heart, and the liver contains a large amount of cheese-like cellulose. Spleen swelling, color dark, rectal intestinal mucosa and the transient mucous membrane have diffuse needle tip bleeding, large intestinal wall becomes thick, and the mucus increases. The fallopian tube mucosa is congested, and the tubular dilatation is thickened, filled with strip cheese samples, severely blocking the lumen, and has an un discharged egg in the lumen.

4, Chicken Escherichia coli Prevention

1. Do a good job in environmental hygiene, strictly disinfecting

(1) Do a good job in environmental hygiene in incubating workshops, breeding eggs and hatching The equipment is strictly disinfected to prevent the propagation of egg propagation and the horizontal infection.
(2) Do a good job in sanitation of feeding environments. E. coli is widely existent in nature, especially infection, often through digestive tract, respiratory tract and skin trauma, etc., contaminated feed, drinking water, shamp, air and mold are the main vector, so do a good job Health, strict disinfection is one of the important measures to prevent control of E. coli.
2. Strengthening feeding management, reducing stress

During breeding, during breeding, the stable temperature, humidity should be maintained, and the thief is preventing the thief.The air is fresh, prevent harmful gas pollution, control the breeding density, prevent excessive crowding, reduce stress, and clean up feces, do a good job of environmental hygiene, and maintain all utensils. In the breeding stage of breeding chicken, in addition to the above, it should pay attention to the transfer group, the stress of the open production, and the chicken pay attention to the stress of artificial insemination and the sinister disinfection of the insemination equipment.

Five, Chicken Escherichia coli Scheme

For the sick chickens, it is best to use the peasant bacteria, 300 kg against the water, preferably two times, drink evenly, reduce YAO to chick Stimulation, you can use 1 pack of 3000 chicken, free drinking water, 3-4 days twice, usually do the hygiene and ventilation work of the chicken house, maintain a good air zhiliao.

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