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When breeding pig, if you encounter the pigs in the pig, you should consider the problem of problems when you have a fever, rather than a single pig cough.
What is the cause of a fever of pigs:
1. Vice pig bacterium Pig Pig Pig Pylori is a bacterium in pigs, and when the pig group causes its resistance due to disease or environmental stress When it falls, the bacteria will be in the case of a pig, and the common clinical symptoms are difficult to breathe, fever, gradual and thin, and they are grown. The results show that the pleural effusion is increased, the heart is covered by cellulose, and the severe organ is covered by cellulose. The sick pig can also be seen in the symptoms such as the joint, encephalitis. 2. Infectious pleural pneumonia infectious pleuro pneumonia is susceptible to porcine to fattening pigs, especially in pig houses, the disease is more likely to occur. It is visible clinical, high fever, peripheral skin, abdominal breathing, and blood-colored white foam flow after death. There is a small amount of cellulose in the chest, which is severely congested in the lungs.
How to prevent and treat:
1. Vice pigophilus
Prevention: a B, reduce the stress of pigs, control temperature difference, increase room temperature, reduce temperature difference range, help to prevent disease. C, dosing, currently sensitive drugs for vice pigs, including tuberculosis, fluorbenidine + strong planer, Enovard + cefuroyofur, etc.
Treatment: Among the bacterial effect in addition to bacteria, the vice pigs is also caused in large amounts of endotoxins. A, individual pig: intramuscular bottlerami polysaccharide injection + silver injection + cefuroyofur, B, large group: feed to add silver-yellow soluble powder / double yellow-soluble powder + tuberculosis / fluorbenate + strong Mythromycin.
2. Infectious pleuropneumonia
Prevention: A, reduce pigstation density, ensure the air quality and internal temperature of the house; B Drugs that are sensitive to infectious pleuro pneumonia include, but are not limited to, fluorbenidine, timoshaxing, thiazine sulfadine, Neukacin, cephalidia.
Treatment: Pay attention to the improvement of air quality of pig houses, the treatment of severe pigs should be relieved to relieve lung edema, anti-inflammatory, and then antibiotics against bacteria. A, individual pigs: muscle syntine + dexamethasone, silver injection and fluorinylTotal injection; B, group pig: silver-yellow soluble powder / fluorophenicotropic powder + tuberculosis test star / Thai music + Maje stone is dispelling emergency prevention and control.
When the large area of ​​the pigs occurs, the farmers must hurry to treat, reduce the spread of the disease, and pay attention to the prevention of the pigs at the same time in daily farming.
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