What is the chicken, the more raised it?

There is a chicken friend asking Li Chen, the chicken is, the more you are, your more you are? Today, this question, let’s analyze the chicken, the more you are, the more you get.

First, the temperature is not temperature, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, enteritis and other factors, causing body weight without standard.
Second, immune emphasis is insufficient, the immune process is not standardized, the vaccine dose is not up to standard or the ultra-dose is used.

Third, the chicken does not pay attention to the treatment. Be sure to prevent greater than treatment.

Fourth, the chicken should be careful, careful to the daily temperature, so that you can do a good job in time.

Fifth, common statement: feeding chicken feeds, raising the kidney and nicking the liver and kidney, if the farmer friend usually does not pay attention to the protection of liver and kidney, the effect will be greatly reduced.

Sixth, doing medicine. Don’t be sick when you are sick, you can find a goddess everywhere. Only the disease is in time to control the condition in time, reduce economic losses.

Seventh, the influencing factors of parasites in the chicken body. Be sure to pay attention to the deworming, the chicken is not deridized, etc.

Eighth, chicken chronic coccidi disease, will continue to consume internal nutrients, affecting the meat ratio.

Ninth, the long-term in sub-health is in the long term, even if you have not been treated for a long time, such chickens will become more thin.

Tenth, do not pay attention to the use of irritation. Mycotoxin will infringe the function of chicken body liver and kidney, causing low immunity, and the muscle stomach is not good.

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The above reasons will cause chickens and more thin. I hope that the friends who want to raise the chicken have entered the seat, improve management and control, so that the chicken is more and more fertilizers, the more beautiful.

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