What is the Chinese venue dog?

timg (3).jpg The so-called Chinese ventric dog is the potato dog in the Chinese population (also known as grass dogs, vegetables, meat dogs, firewood, stupid dogs), people often cause the names of their names. What is the meaning, in fact, they look very cute, and if they carefully breed, they will not be weak in other dogs. The Chinese venue dog is a dog species that China has experienced natural and artificial screening in China. It is said that this dog is in the original Central Plain.

In the Han folk people called “Tu”, as the name is the dog in the local area; some places in the north are called “Food for the fire, because the north climate is cold, the dog is generally in the firewood or Next to the firewood, the Oriental Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area is generally called “Grass Dog”, because the local farmers will raise one or two such dogs, and the main activities in the day is named.


  • The head feature is closer to its ancestor wolf’s appearance, mouth pointer Short, the mouth is flat. Ear:
  • The ear is high, the ear is upright or half vertical, and the semi-vertical ear is half ahead of the front half. (Unlike other dogs, the ear is full of ears, the ear is collapsed on both sides of the head)

  • Tail:
  • tail is tailored, especially when walking, it will be tall high, with money The tail and sickle are mainly. (Naturally different from the tail of most Western dogs)

  • Hut Legs:
  • When standing stationary, the hind leg is significantly straight and vertical in the ground, the ankle is bent obvious. (Especially compared with most western dogs, it is more obvious than the hind leg joints)

  • Mao:
  • Mihai is main, the hair is thick, easy to keep it clean. Color yellow, white, black, and variegated.

  • Body:
  • The body is well-known and compact; medium size, strength and shoulders are about 1: 1, plus the legs straight and almost perpendicular to the ground make the whole body square.

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