What is the difference between mini Dubin and Chihuawa?

Mini Dubin and Chihuahua are very popular with small mini dogs. Many people may not be clear when they see it. These two dogs are very similar to the temperament, the vigilance is very high, smart, loyal, and also have large dog hunting and prevention instinct, although little can not be afraid than a lot of dogs. Let’s take you how to distinguish between these two dogs from the shape! timg (2).jpg
The distinction between the head:

Chihuahua’s head is more than mini Duobin Circle, is commonly known as “apple shaped” head, nose and mouth look short. And the mini Doubin’s nose is also protruding.

Differences on the color:

Chihuahua’s hair color is very rich, allowing a variety of colors and even ambiguous situation. And the color of the mini Dost has a strict specification: smoothing is shorter and has a shiny. The color is chocolate, black, blue is background, with yellow brown streaks or red. In particular, the black brown is a typical mini DOU PAN. Lips, cheek, chest, lower jaw, throat, forefoot, post, heel, and the end of the tail are yellowish brown, more excellent varieties are dogs without white hair. The difference between the tail:

u=2985392175,2577776444&fm=26&gp=0.jpg This is the most obvious, the mini Dubin is going to end, while the Chihuahua is constantly tail. Some mini Dubs, which are not typical dark brown but chocolate colored mini, need to see the tail to judge.

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