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1. Daily management
1. In the field entrance and production zone entrance set reasonable distributed ultraviolet light, it is best to keep the light 24 hours, and the ultraviolet tube is generally replaced once every 45 days.
As the ultraviolet lamp is harmful to the human body, the conditional pig farm can choose an ozone generator or a disinfection fan.
1.2 Key epidemic prevention period, the number of disinfectants and the amount of medicinal solutions are applied at the time of pig disinfection.

When the increase of death in the pig, it is necessary to properly increase the amount of liquid dosage and the concentration of the liquid when pigs disinfection.

1.3 For pregnant houses and bunches that cannot be empty, it should be completely cleaned up every six months, including roof dust, spider web, and doors and windows.
1.4 When there is a separate dosing water system installed in the empty house, this system must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Due to the different types of pig fields, the pathogens are different, so they should not follow or imitate when developing disinfection programs and implementing disinfection measures, only practical, targeted implementation The disinfection behavior is the most ideal.
2, daily disinfection

2. The foot pedal disarfic tank is at least 15 cm, a built-in 2% to 3% of the steroidal satellite, and the disinfectant depth is greater than 3 cm.

The drug solution is replaced once in 3 to 4 days. When the liquid is exchanged, the tank cell will be cleaved and disinfectantly disinfectant, and the concentration can be added as appropriate when the rain or hot day is increased. Entering the pig farm pedal disinfectant time for at least 15 seconds.
2.2 Vehicle entrance disinfection tank length is at least 1.5 times the tire perimeter, the pool width is the same as the inlet of the pig field, and the height of the inner chemical liquid is not less than 15 cm. At the same time, the low-voltage disinfection instrument is configured to spray the entry vehicle spray.
2.3 Before the staff enters the production area, it is necessary to disinfect in the disinfection of 5 minutes and replace the work cap. Conditional pig farms can take a shower and get into the production area. External visitors also must also be conducted according to this program, and determine the route in advance, and do not change the route at the time of visit.
2.4 All items entering the field should choose to use disinfection form according to the characteristics of the item.Disinfecting. For example, the ultraviolet lamp is irradiated with 30 to 60 minutes, disinfectant spray, soaking, etc..
When the air bar is cleaned, the pig house is cleaned with 2% to 3% steroidal satellite disinfection for more than 2 hours, first brush it with a hard brush, and rinse it with water. After drying, close the pig house doors, with solid formaldehyde or oxycetate for 12 hours. It is preferred to spray disinfection once again with polymeridone or dilute aldehyde.
2.6 When the pig is cleaned, the pig ring, ground, wall, doors and windows, and pigs are sprayed with 0.1% peroxoacetic acid or 0.5% polyveridone iodine solution. Good disinfectant 300 ~ 500 ml, 1 to 2 times a week.

2.7 For the production room, first rinse the ground and facilities with water, dry after drying with formalin for 2 hours, then use the polyvilone iodine solution to disinfect 1 time, use clean water to divert the dehydration, and finally 10% lime water brushing ground and wall.
2.8 disinfecting the sow, and can be used in dilutes. Wash the pig in a full body before entering the house, and then disinfect the whole body with disinfectant. The lower abdomen, the genus, the breast can be wiped with 0.1% potassium permanganate solution.

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3.1 The pig house is fully disinfected with 3% alkali water, then use sodium sodium chlorate 100 times liquid disinfection, pay attention to the ground, ceilings, column beams, wall windows, and channels are sterilized.

For instruments, clothing, waste, burning as much as possible, can also be discarded after 24 hours with 3% alkali water.

The equipment that can also be used can be disinfected with wet heat sterilization (boiling or high pressure steam sterilization), or may be immersed in 1: 200 sodium chlorite or 0.5% to 1% steroid base water, for at least 12 hours.

3.2 Sports Field, after the random of the pasture, the ground is sprinkled with lime 1 kg / square meter, 1 weeks after washing, cleaning, and then in the abundance.

3.3 Packed urinary ditch, urine tank can sprinkle with lime or 2% to 3% steroids. The feces can be disinfected with a fermentation cell method or a bulk method, or spray 5% ammonia; wastewater can be disinfected with a 25% bleaching powder containing chlorine.

3.4 Dead pig
It is best to burn or embed. Deep buried, the pit is more than 1 meter, and the body will first immerse the poisonous water (such as 3% sterile water), and it should be hurt when buried.

The corpse equipment is preferably incinerated, and if necessary, the sodium sodium sodium chlorite is used for at least 12 hours. The corpse vehicle sprayed with 0.5% to 1% alkali water.
4, the selection of specification drugs and use

There are many types of disinfectants, iodine, chlorine, peroxide, quaternary ammonium salt, aldehyde, strong alkali, phenol, and the like.
When choosing a disinfection drug, a common epidemic species, epidemics, disinfection objects, disinfection equipment, pig farm conditions, etc., select 2 or more different nature of the actual situation in the actual situation. Disinfecting drugs;

Second, it is necessary to fully consider the epidemic conditions of the region and the possible development trend of the disease, choose the reserve and use 2 or more different nature of disinfectant drugs;

The third is to regularly carry out the monitoring effect of disinfection drugs, based on the actual disinfection effect, choose more ideal disinfection drugs.
1, when choosing disinfectants, the effect is strong, the effect is extensive, and the effectiveness is fast and lasting, it is difficult to affected by organic and salt. Especially during the occurrence of the epidemic, more careful selection and use of disinfectants, especially for viral infectious diseases, and more authoritative departments identified and recommended products.
2, before use, you should fully understand the characteristics of the disinfectant, order the disinfection plan, combine season, weather, and fully consider applicable objects,
3, practice proves that the temperature of the disinfectant is 10 ° C, and the disinfective effect can be increased by 2 to 3 times. However, the disinfection force of iodine music, sodium hypochlorite, etc. is the highest at 20 ° C, and the effective ingredients will be lost.
4, no mixing uses different disinfectants. Mixing use only reduces disinfection effect. If several types are required, another disinfectant is used alone.
5, disinfection is not a million, complete epidemic prevention measures must be cooperatedBorn management, immunization and drug prevention, to control the disease.
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