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Recently, there are pig farmers asked, pigs have symptoms such as cough, suspected of mycoplasma pneumonia, how to treat this? First, we need to see that this is a group, or a case-occurring condition. Furthermore, pig farmers have a need for consultation, and you can use the pig’s onset characteristics. If there is a picture, it is better. Today, we will make a detailed discussion on the fundamental pneumonia. In addition, everyone can add micro signal: zhuok007, what is the problem, we will reply as soon as possible, and give technical services in a timely manner.

Pig branch is also known as pig gas, is a highly exposure chronic infectious disease caused by porcine and pneumonia mycoplasma infection. Therefore, pig branch is generally a group of diseases, the early and medium-term diseases do not affect the body temperature and appetite of pigs, and will not cause us to pay attention.

1. What are the characteristics of this disease?

There was no significant change in early, sick pig temperature, spirit, and appetite.

Media, there is a symptom of gas, and the abdomen is rhythmic with the breathing action, which is obvious abdominal breathing, especially when standing is still standing or remains obvious. There is no major change in the spirit, appetite and body temperature.

In the late stage of the disease, the breathing is rushing, and the number of breathing is increased. Heavy disease pigs are sitting in dogs, breathened or breathe on the ground, and the expression is very painful, and the cough is less and weak. It seems that secretion is blocked, it is difficult to cough. Audentation of the lungs has a dry or wet, breathing sounds like a flux box. The sick pigs are highly temperature rise, do not eat, diarrhea, and general conditions, and have a corresponding symptom of the disease.

Di, pig branch, pneumonia, combined with the combination of drug effect

1, Thai Posterin muscle injection, 10mg / KG weight; or drinking water 0.2g / L, 1 time/ Day, use 3 to 5 days.

2, hydrocarbone alkaline oil, oxytetracycline 70g, 100ml peanut oil, uniform mix, 0.2 ml / kg body weight. Wearing or neck deep muscle dotted by turns, 1 time every 5 days, using 2 to 3 times.

Thai Lecuminin and Hymthromycin joint application can increase the efficacy.

3, Lin Kemycin muscle injection, 50mg / kg body weight, 1 time / day, used for 5 days; or 200g per ton, mixed 3 weeks.

4, hydrochloride: 30 to 40 mg / kg per day body weight, diluted with 40% boric acid solution, for 5 to 7 days.

5, sulfate sulfate: 50,000 to 70,000 Iu per kilogram of body weight, 2 times / day, even 5 ~ 6, if necessary, 10 ~ 15 days .

6. Net 9g is dissolved in 50 kg of water, continuous drinking water, or adding a support of the support of the support of the support, mixed with feeding; at the same time, muscle injection 10mg / kg Tayle bacteria 1 time a day until the symptom disappears. Because pig gas is easy to relapse, it can be mixed with 100 mg / kg of phosphate in 7 days after the disappearance of the symptoms, to consolidate the efficacy.

To alleviate the gas-free 3% hydrozon, or 2.5% aminophylline, etc. symptomatic therapy.

In addition, Enovia, Norfloxacin, oxygenid, cyclopropoxicle, helix masticin, tetracycline, northern hypermycin, methylmemuscin, etc. Drugs can also be used to treat piglets.

Do a good job in the immunization of pig farm pork groups before the clinical symptoms of piglets, the pig is immunized to the pig, which can effectively prevent and control the occurrence of mycoplasia, and immune effects. Better.

In general, the pig farm can carry all pigmatoplavia immunogen in piglets 7 to 21 days; immunity inactivate vaccine is carried out in the piglets for 9 ~ 15 days, muscle injection 1 to 2 mL per day, strengthen immunization 2 after 14 daysML can play a good prevention effect. For breeding pigs, it is necessary to carry out secondary exemptions at 60 to 80 to improve the immune resistance of porcine pneumonia pneumonia, reduce and avoid mycoplasmic pneumonia.

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