What is the dog you can eat?

u=45995070,3116848094&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Everyone must have heard, don’t give dogs, bones, skeletons, and short birds, and the bones of the poultry, which will cut the pig’s stomach. In order to reduce the body’s heavy convenience, the bones of the birds are hollow, and the dogs when the dog eats, they will bite these bones, become a sharp fragment, just like a beard blade, the dog is eaten, very It is easy to damage the oral cavity, stab the esophagus, and scratch the anus. So these bones are very dangerous to dogs.

For large dogs, such as Shepherd, Wolf and Treasures, don’t feed the chicken head, duck head to it, one is the chicken head containing poisonous, two It is a large dog to eat, and it is easy to tease to swallow, swallow the jujube, and the chicken is very susceptible to the esophagus, and there is a fatal danger.

Which bones are particularly nutritious?

Pig or cattle, sheep’s ribs and leg bones, more protein, more bone marrow, nutrition, there are vegetables It is important to sell it, it is best to pick it up with the bones and put it in the soup and give it to it, which can kill more than 98% parasite and pathogenesis. Sometimes, the bones take a slightly with a meat, and the dog will eat more.

When you need to remind the pet owner’s bones, be beside it, pay attention to the observation of the bones, there is no stabbed mouth, will not swallow the bones directly.

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