What is the dog’s face?

u=808834420,3915177883&fm=26&gp=0.jpg Have you noticed that the dog often scratches his face with a paw, and it feels like a shy look. In fact, this is because the skin of the dog’s face is unpleasant, providing opportunities for the development of the mites. It’s easy to take a bath to the dog, but it is more difficult to wash your dog. It is difficult to use shampoo, which means that there are more chances to get more in the body’s mites.

There is also a place that is the easiest to overlook, the eyes of the little dog, the location of the eyebrows: here may be the deepest place in the mites, and the place where the fungi is hidden, because here is warm and warm, and also We clean and use the most easily ignored place.

Take a closer look at the characteristics of the dog frequently grabbed?

These parts may be like this: on the top of the dog on the top of the eye like the position of the eyebrow, a skin is long The small bag is probably the hair follicle, the color is nothing difference with the skin of the inflammation. There may be dark brown mites excrement or dandruff.

What should we do for dogs frequently?

Carefully observe the place where the dog scratched, if we find that the skin is abnormal, if it seems not serious It can be treated first, apply it a few days to use the dermatitis, dermatitis specially used. But be careful because eyebrows are very close to the eyes of dogs, so pay attention to do not let the ointments in the eyes when the drug is in the past.

If you haven’t improved it for a few days, it is best to take a dog to the hospital to ask a doctor. When I arrived in the hospital, the doctor can test the way of testing a little skin, to confirm that the mites are still fungi, then the doctor will give you a more symptomatic treatment.

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