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The ewec is not full, if the ewa is thin and the milk is insufficient, it can strengthen feeding management and improve the amount of milk. It is also possible to choose the milk of milk, the lamb, the lamb, is also breastfeeding.

If the nanny sheep does not let the lambs of the foster, they can apply some kerosene on the nose and lambs of the barys, or apply the lamb hips or urine with a nanny sheep, and will be bimonge and sheep and Lamblang Guan in the dark house, after a few hours, the nanny sheep will recognize the lamb. It is also possible to use the method of forcing the lamb to eat milk, so that the nanny sheep and the lamb are confirmed, the specific method is to fix the ewec, the other hand holds two hind legs, let the lamb eat milk, after more Second training is successful.

Manual breastfeeding can be made to the lambs that you lose. One is the basino. Put milk or behave in the breast goods, let the lamb drink, start the tattoo from the finger, polish, wash, clean it on the forefinger or middle fingers, let the lacherache, slowly Drink on the milk, after several training, the lamb will drink pots. The second is a mammastizer. Put the milk in the mammast or bottle, apply milk on the tip, put into the lamb, train a few times, the lamb can learn to breastfeed. Let the lambs that have been eaten with a mammifier, can also achieve the purpose of training. Artificial breastfeeding must be four. Timing: Comply with the prescribed time, feed it in order, start every 3 hours, feed 4 ~ 5 times a day, increase the number of days, increase the amount of feeding. Quantification: Be appropriate, start each time 200 ~ 250 grams each time, with the age, the amount of feeding is gradually increased, but the amount of days of fishing does not exceed the weight of the lamb, 40 days old reaches the peak, gradually Reduce, the amount of food is gradually increased. Clear: The milk should be fresh and clean, stirring should be stirred when heating and distribution, making the creamin distribution uniform. Temperature: The temperature is preferably 38 ° C ~ 42 ° C, the amount of milk is too low, which is easy to cause gastrointestinal diseases, and excessive high will affect breastfeeding, even ironing lambs. In order to prevent disease, lamb diet supplies should be cleaned to clean and regularly disinfect them with aptiline. After breastfeeding, use a towel to wipe the lamb, so as not to eat each other.

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