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Temperature on piglets is very large; one of the biological characteristics of pigs is a big pig fever, piglets are afraid of cold; for breastfeeding pigs, cold is an important factor in diarrhea; For the pigs in the conservation phase, the cold and temperature difference are important causes of respiratory disease.
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We all know the truth of thermal swelling and cold shrinkage, the same is true for the digestive tract; if the abdomen is cold, it will shrink the volume, and the corresponding intestinal will shrink; intestinal shrinkage, Then the absorption area is reduced, and the nutrients cannot be absorbed in time; while resisting cold, it will cause the digestive tract immune function to reduce the gastrointestinal tract, leading to inflammation; this is the main reason for the coldness of piglets. .

And the cause of respiratory pathogenesis occurs because the low temperature or temperature difference causes a cold, and the respiratory immune function decreases, causing various inflammation.

So, if you want to raise a piglet, it is very important to provide appropriate temperatures.
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Temperature on the influence of the boar is mainly thermal stress, which has poor semen quality; we all know that the testicles of pigs are in vitro, because in vitro is easy to heat; so the temperature of the testicles It is below 2-3 ° C, such temperature is conducive to sperm to maintain vitality; if it encounters high temperatures, mature sperm metabolism is enhanced, the sperm will lose fertilization due to excessive consumption; so the fetter rate of summer breeding is far Lower than other seasons, semen quality is the main reason. In addition, in the hot summer, the sexual desire of boar will also be significantly reduced, and it will affect the breeding effect.

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The effect of temperature on the sow is mainly high temperature environment is not conducive to sow production; the reserve sow is delayed in the high temperature season, estrus time will be postponed; the estrus time of weaning mother pigs in the high temperature season will also Postponed, even if there is a long-term unsatisfactory phenomenon after weaning; high temperature environments are more detrimental to breastfeeding sows, because high temperatures will result in significant decline in feeding, and milk will also reduce secretion; at the same time, due to low food storage, sow storage consumption More, the phenomenon that is not estrus after weaning is more obvious. According to the data, the temperature of the room is maintained at 18-20 ° C to benefit from the pork, more than 18 ° C, each increase 1 ° C, per day per sow feed intake will be reduced by 100 grams. High temperatures can also cause the sow to be lowered by the sow; except for the quality of the boar semen, the sow is also related; the high temperature environment is not conducive to the splitting and bed of the fertilized egg, if the sow is not 21 days or its multiple When it is probably the embryo dies in the previous period.
The effect of temperature on the pigs, far more than the above; but only above, it is enough to reflect the importance of temperature.
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