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“Beijing Six Malaysian Standard Pig Mode” is a concept of pig books and actual combat, and there is a sentence in ten words. Whoever grasps the temperature of the pig house. Who grasped the pig group; showing the importance of temperature on pigs. The importance of temperature is also reflected in the temperature of various various environmental factors, the humidity is related to the temperature, the air quality is related to the temperature, the density is related to the temperature, although there is no direct relationship with the temperature, it can also be related; Temperature, other problems can often be solved.
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The effect of temperature on pigs is because the pig is standard in the temperature, too high, and it will not work too much.

For pigs, there is a best temperature zone, which is a comfortable area. If the temperature supplied to the pig is comfortable, the pig can not only maintain health, but also the product performance; The temperature zone that can be accepted is a slightly cold cool area and a slightly hot warm area. The health effect of pigs is not large, but it will reduce production performance; there are two regions, cold and overheating, but these two districts It will seriously affect the health of production and pig, but not to be derived; the most serious is the death zone, the pig will be frozen or hot.

Different stage pigs are different, small pigs are afraid of cold, big pigs are fever, that is, the temperature of the pig’s comfort is much higher, while the comfort of the big pig is lower; such as sows The comfort zone is around 20 ° C, while the newly born piglet is around 35 ° C.

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The table below is the optimal temperature range of different stage pigs: pigs and mamato above pigs, usually about 20 ° C, while breastfeeding pigs can be up to 30 ° C.


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So how to determine the optimum temperature of different stages of pig?

There is a computational formula. In addition to breastfeeding pigs, the most weight of pigs is applicable; the calculation formula is: T = -0.06W + 26. If the weight of 20kg piglet is t = -0.06 × 20 + 26 = 24.8 ° C, while 100 kg of fat pigs T = -0.06 × 100 + 26 = 20 ° C. If it is a boar, the weight reaches 200 kg, the optimum temperature is: -0.06 * 200 + 26 = 14 ° C.

Of course, this formula is not absolute, there will be some errors; the production is still measured in the state of pigs, and the heat is extruded, the heat is dispersed, and it will gasp.


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First, the effects of temperature on growth fattening pigs.
At this stage, the impact is mainly reflected in the growth rate and the feed utilization; the temperature leaves the comfort zone, it will result in slow growth rate, and the feed utilization rate is lowered; if economic account is calculated, the growth is slow. It is necessary to raise more, and you need a day’s consumption by more than one day, even if it is only maintained, it is also a big loss.

Calculate the formula for maintenance consumption: 460 * W0.75 千焦耳
If the feed utilization is lowered, even if only 0.1 points are reduced, that loss is alsoVery large; for 100 kg out of the pig, it is equivalent to a 10 kg of feed.
So, when we consider whether to give the pig to provide a suitable temperature, we must count account.

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This table shows the research institution’s test data, which is much more serious than what we think. As at 0 ° C, the average daily weight is only 0.54 kg, but the meat is 9.45: 1, if such a pig is raised, even if only corn is only eaten, it is also to lose money. The temperature is too high, such as 35 ° C, an average daily weight is only 0.31 kilograms, and the meat is 4.87, which is also difficult to make money.

In the table, for growing fattening pigs, the optimum temperature range is 20-25 ° C, which is ideal for weight-bearing and feed utilization at this stage.

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The following is the data studied by another research institution, showing the effect of low temperature and high temperature on pigs and daily gains. The effect of low temperature: pigs increase heat consumption at low temperatures and increased feeding. When the pig is in the lower limit of the critical temperature, the increase of 11 to 22 g from 1 ° C decrease, and the feed is more than 20 to 30 g. Such as a fattening pig from 40 to 50kg, at 10 ~ 25 ° C, the average daily feeding capacity is 2 ~ 2.2.65kg, the daily gain weight is 0.6 ~ 0.65kg; if the temperature drops to 5 ° C, the daily weight is 0.4kg; 0 ° C There is only 0.2 kg of daily weight. When dropped to -10 ° C, the daily gain weight was increased – 0.2 kg.

High temperature effect: When the pig is in the upper limit, the temperature is increased by 1 ° C, and the daily gain reduction is 30g, and the feed consumption is increased by 60 ~ 70g. Such as 40 ~ 50kg fattening pig, when the temperature rises to 30 ° C, the dayGreeting 0.4 kg; rose to 35 ° C, gain weight by 0.2 kg; when it increased to 38 ° C, the daily gain was from -0.2 ~ -0.6 kg.

Source: Liu pig Author: Liu Dewang

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