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In several major nutrients, vitamins are only a large class of energy, protein and mine, indicating that vitamins are very important; but the effect of vitamins How big?

If you make an alteration, put the pig into a car, the vitamin is equivalent to the oil, every place is not lacking; if the car lacks engine oil, the car will soon have problems; If the pig lacks vitamins, then there will be corresponding problems. Vitamin A can maintain the complete skin, lack of vitamin A, skin and mucosa will not be solid, prevent the pathogenic invasion of the function, is easily ill, it is easy to be sick by bacterial and viruses.
Vitamin D is an essential ingredient for calcium phosphorus absorption and use, which will have symptoms such as chondromal diseases such as calcium deficiency and phosphorus.

Vitamin E has a big relationship with reproduction, and there will be a sow that will appear in love, and the fetus is weak.

Vitamin K is associated with blood coagulation, if there is a lack of vitamin K, it is difficult to stop it once there is a bleeding.

The vitamin B has many kinds, such as folic acid and fetal birth activities, add folic acid to make the genital fetus, the proportion of sow is reduced; the mother king produced by Beijing Moi Company has prevents production The function of shortening the mother pig procedure is that folic acid is active.

Biotin and skin keratinization, lack of biotin, sows will have hooves, and the mother pigs eliminated due to the pain of hoof pain.
Vitamin B12, which will have anemia when it is deficient.

In addition, other vitamins have their own unique functions; lack of any one, will bring fatal damage to pigs.
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