What is the egg chicken eat eggs?

Recently, there are customer reactions, egg chicken eggs yourself. So what is the egg chicken to eat eggs? How to prevent it? Producing egg hen eating more eggs is due to poor feeding management, there are several reasons:

1. Insufficient mineral content in feed. In particular, calcium, phosphorus, salt and other trace elements are lacking, and it is easy to produce eggs and eat eggs.

2. There are many animal proteins in the diet. If you often feed the fish, meat and other animal feed chickens, which is easy to develop into eggs that have just been born.

3. The lack of protein in the feed, or amino acid is unbalanced, and the egg hen will eat eggs.

4. Insufficient drinking water. If hens are often hungry, in order to replenish moisture, it is easy to eat eggs.

5. The thick fiber in the diet is low, or often does not feed the gravel, especially the rural winter, suddenly turned to a circle or cage, which is most likely to have a phenomenon of eggs.

6. The number of egg box is insufficient, and the egg production is on the ground. Once the damage is damaged, it will also cause the egg chicken egg.

7. Ganguang illumination, causing birth eggs and chickens, promoting the birth of eggs, and even bleeding eggs.

How to avoid egg hens eat eggs? The following points can be borrowed from:

1. In the diet, the mineral content is sufficient. Calcium in the diet should account for 3.5 ~ 4.0%; phosphorus should account for 0.6%; salt should account for 0.37 ~ 0.5%. It can be added to the role of color high, repleniscipted trace elements, removes and inhibits mold toxins.

2. In the diet, keep the protein sufficient and amino acid balance. It is required to have 340 mg of methionine, 700 mg of lysine content per day.

3. Drinking water is sufficient. Keep a clean drinking water every day to do water.

4. Among the diet of egg chicken, there are 3% to 4.5% crude fiber content.

5. To prepare a sufficient egg box, place it in a dark place.

6. To maintain the life of the eggThe relative stability is minimized to minimize stress.

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